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Response To Washington Post Article About Bullying And Trump

Response To Washington Post Article About Bullying And Trump

Washington Post over this weekend ran a typical one-sided rant blaming Trump for political bullying, it was called “Trump’s words, bullied kids, scarred schools.” Conventionally, they ignored bullying coming out of just about every school against anyone that dares to support Trump.

I run into this all the time with my son, he is 14, an avid Trump supporter, by standing up for Trump the reaction from the teachers, even in middle school is anything but accepting. Go into colleges and openly state you support Republicans or Trump; you are faced with hostility, if not publicly assaulted.

Speakers coming into Campus’s are shut down through riots and protests, yet this is seen as a right, but if you dare speak out about support of securing our borders, of halting illegal immigration, you are accused of racism. Washington Post refused to focus on this, the need to educate, but have allowances that people will have a different political ideology.

The article tried to pin all racism and bigotry on Trump, rather than admitting that this has been going on for the last 250+ years in this nation. The fantastic thing is the writers act like this never existed before Trump. There were attacks against Muslims after 9/11, yet Trump was not part of the national platform, so was he somehow to blame for this as well? Or could it have been a reaction to radical Islamist attacking our nation?

Reaction to the illegal immigration comes more from resentment than from racism, many in America are insulted that our representatives seem to care more about these people illegally coming into our nation then they do about us, could this have a play in this, or this just all on Trump?

Washington Post refuses to look at this, thus present a false narrative by omitting parts that they deem as politically incorrect. One asks, “How can you arrive at the truth when some facts are omitted?”

What is of more interest is how they dismiss the attacks against children who dare to support Trump; many times, this is coming from the staff themselves who are radically anti-Trump.

Washington Post was not showing us the news. Instead, they fell back to the old tried and true Democratic policies – If we don’t agree, it must be racist. They went with the Southern Poverty Law Center, another radical leftist group that declares Christian churches as radical actors for daring to believe in their faith and follow what it teaches, as the bringer of morality. It makes sense than when they classify anyone saying they support building the wall as being racist.

I don’t agree with taking out issues on children, but to act like this is a sudden phenomenon under Trump is an outright fabrication by the Washington Post, this has been going on as long as someone different joins a group, this is how groups respond. At first, they reject, it is something different, they don’t know how to respond, they then will tolerate, then learn to accept as they grow in the knowledge of the new people joining their group.

Some of the issues come when new people come; the first generation has a hard time learning the language, the unique customs of the people they are going to live with, by the time the second generation comes about they are for the most part “Americanized.” We saw this problem with the Irish, the Italians, the Japanese and Chinese, we now see this and have seen this with the people coming across the southern border soon.

Further, the people brought over here from Muslim nations, many of them refuse to assimilate, they teach their children not to as well, then wonder why the whole does not accept them.

To act like this has not happened is just silly, go to the orthodox Jewish communities, they have been living there for generations, they too have done the same. They dress differently than people around them; most of the children go to different schools, so resentment due to misunderstanding is rampant. This was going on even when Obama was in office, are we supposed to then by this same standard blame him for people’s bigotry and racism?

Communities that refused to blend in will be isolated to an extent; this is the way of societies. It is why the Jews have faced the prosecution they have over the years; you can even see the divide in Israel, which is a Jewish state. I am not saying this is acceptable, I am of Jewish descent, but I do understand why it happens.

The way to stop this is not to blame one person, act like they are to blame, it is to educate. Sometimes it will not work, people love to hate, but it will in more cases then it doesn’t.

But if you demand to remain apart, some of this will continue, to play the victim is not the way to move through this.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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