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Rethinking Foreign Aid, Trump Style

Rethinking Foreign Aid, Trump Style

For years our foreign aid did not make much sense, we were giving nations that hated us hundreds of millions, even the ultra-rich nations like Saudi Arabia and China were recipients of our aid, under Trump, this is all changing.

Nations that we worked with that were allies of convenience, such as Pakistan have had their aid cut off, others like the Palestinian Authority who outright hate us, cut off diplomatic relations with us, they too have lost all their funding.

Sadly we have people from the last administration that have gone to these nations, told them if they would just hold on, they would get rid of Trump then their aid would be reinstated, but I must ask, “Why?” And how is it that this is not more widely reported, these people should be brought up on charges, not ignored.

With the US at 21.5 trillion dollars in debt, handing out millions, even billions with no return for this aid needs to stop, even the aid we are getting returns from needs to be looked at, at this point over 1% of our total budget, outside of military spending goes to foreign aid, is all this needed to be handed out? While cutting into this budget would not harm or aid us much, the idea of rewarding corruption needs to halt.

In regards to Pakistan, you have a radical Islamist nation, one that I think the US had no business dealing with in the first place, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, in many cases, they are still your enemy. The Pakistanis have held our military hostage by threatening our supply chain, hid Osama, protected terrorist, have a sizable portion of their military in bed with the Taliban and other radical Islamist, I feel the US would do far better for themselves switching our alliance to India.

So if the money does not affect our budget much, then why the effort by Trump to fix this? The aid the US gives has been broken for years, we give billions to nations who actively work against our interest, fund almost 30% of UN funding that works to undermine the US interests all around the world, this makes as much sense as giving weapons to a robber that is going to rob you that very night.

While the money may be a drop in the bucket for the US, it is very much real money for the recipients of it, one of the campaign promises made was this practice of wasting our money, throwing pearls to the swine as I believe a great person once said, is a waste of our resources, Trump is once more fulfilling his campaign pledge, one that seems to be offending much of the left. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion; if they are offended, then it is a great thing to do, it will benefit, rather then harm our nation.

Trump has changed the way we do business with the world, no more are we coming out the losers in the deals we are signing to, either they benefit us or are done away with. Our dealings with allies are the same, even the ones we give aid to have to be viewed with how we benefit from it.

While the press is preoccupied with the mess they are trying to create, Trump has quietly without fanfare done much to bring greatness back to this nation by implementing simple common sense measure. If you are going to receive aid, it will be to the benefit of both, if you are going to demand and then not give anything back, maybe our aid will be better used elsewhere.

This week Pakistan and the Palestinian Authority learned the hard way that if you will not work with the US, cut off relations, or work in a way that is contrary to what our goals are, then you will no longer receive any aid.  Hopefully, more nations will learn and head to this, or they too will find their aid on the chopping block.

What’s next, who knows, maybe much of the funding to the UN?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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