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Rioters Threaten To Invade Conservative Homelands, Beware, Lead Poisoning A Strong Possibility!

Rioters Threaten To Invade Conservative Homelands, Beware, Lead Poisoning A Strong Possibility!

What started in St. Louis was a desire to bring the protests to areas that had not seen them up close and personal, the problem when homeowners, wanting nothing to do with this, came out and brandished their tools of injecting people with lead poisoning, their guns. The warning is out, come to our city, try to loot, will find a rapid rise in lead poisoning.

While almost all Americans support a right to assemble and have your voices heard legally, most Americans are unwilling to stand by when protests turn violent, looting, and shooting, assaulting others. At the same time, they claim that stealing 70-in LCD T.V.s is somehow furthering their cause.

We have seen just rumors of Antifa or Black Lives Matter coming to town quickly draws out militia groups. One has to wonder, how long will things remain peaceful if these groups do decide that it is their right to riot and loot in one of these small towns? If they do, the hospitals will find a drastic rise in lead poisoning visiting their Emergency Rooms.

News sites like The Guardian were having an issue with this; how dare residents say they are willing to protect their homes and city from rioters and looters, they must be fascist. I can tell you from experience; I grew up next to a small town, a sleepy little place where people knew everyone, the farmers came into town to blow off steam and do their shopping. 

If you visit this town, or the thousands like it across the U.S., and think you will riot, you will find the residents’ reaction will be anything but supportive and peaceful. I would predict that the farmers would come in; people would be wise to leave, for if they didn’t, a sudden uptake of lead poising would strike there as well.

It used to be this was how any American would react. Yet, with the narrative from the News and far-left groups, we are told to defend your city or home, that is a sign of racism, to not let punks run rampant in your town like they are allowed to do in most large cities today, this is on you, not the people doing the destruction. Can you imagine the outrage if Antifa or Black Lives Matter tried to push the issue, rioted, and the people of the city moved quickly to defend themselves? We would hear screams of racism; there would be calls for more massive protests.

What is not spoken of, there is a rivalry between these small towns, but let an outside source come in and attack one, the other areas would come running. It is like a family, they may fight, throw insults, sometimes even have bloody knockdown confrontations, but have someone from outside come in and do the same, the same people just fighting each other a moment ago will band up to attack. Unlike in the city, they are not held by peer pressure, they don’t care if you call them names for being protective, you sure aren’t going to browbeat them into submission, these are some of the world’s most stubborn and hard-headed people, but as hard-headed as they are, they are fearlessly devoted to their friends and families, devoted, and will back each other up, something the cowards coming in know nothing of.

We hear this talk from Black Lives Matter and Antifa; I doubt if they will ever carry through with their threats, they have no support in conservative areas, trying to force their way in could end up in a bloodbath, one where lead poisoning will be assured, it may be fatal as well.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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