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Ripping away of Morals

Ripping away of Morals

We have all heard it, the condescending tones, the left speaking down to us because our morals are different then theirs, they try to lecture us as if we are making our decisions due to being less informed. But when you do present facts, lay their lecture bare, they turn off and leave, they aren’t interested in a different point of view, you either take they outlook or they aren’t interested in listen to another point of view. 

While I was waiting to be seen in the hospital, had a individual speaking with me while my wife visiting her doctor, he found out I write political opinion pieces, asked me what I thought of the Trump administration stance towards the LBGT community, I thought for a moment, then answered, “No differently then I did during the Obama administration, they are given the same rights today as they were given during the Obama administration.”

He looked at me like I was crazy, said he had friends in Colorado that were part of this crowd, they told him otherwise, so I asked like I always do, “Could you show me one law that has been changed, or for that matter one law that has been put in place that limits the rights of this demographic? If you can’t think of one, I sure can’t pull one out of the air, what about when he said they should not have the rights they currently possess?”

He then asked if I was bigoted, I thought about this, then told him, “The sad thing today is we claim association that one must be a certain way if they in any way support one that people said is a certain way, allow me to explain my self. Trump has shown himself to be by far the most pro-LBGT president the GOP has ever advanced to that point, but because you have people in the press claim he is homophobic, or bigoted in some way, people like you are assuming he is, thus if I say I support him, even though you are unable to provide proof he is, you feel since others said he is this way, then by connection I have to be as well. Again, I must ask, ‘Can you show one law that he has put in place that advances this belief or one law that he has stripped away?”

Another individual in the waiting room piped in, “What about him saying that he would no longer be allowing trans gender’s to serve in the military?”

I told him that was a great question, but I must ask, did you look at the reason why? The simple fact is if you look at the medical issues, the fact that these people have to take hormones (something that would not be easy in a war situation), have as a rule rather expensive medical upkeep, psychological follow up, it has been shown that it causes problem with unit cohesion, not to mention a lack of availability, I would argue the ban is more about a lack of ability to take this into account, just as they do with people with diabetes there are health related issues, not to mention the need of unit morality and cohesion outweighs everything.  This was not a issue of morals, it was a medical issue. 

They could not argue with that, although the one individual did not agree with it, which was his right.

Next another asked about the faith protections Trump put in place, I asked in return, how is it exactly that this community is hurt by this? The simple fact is Trump rather then just protect one demographic gave protection to two, he basically said if you wish to be gay, have gay events, marriages, or whatever it is that you wish to do, that is your legal right, but if you are of a faith that says you can’t participate in this, you should not be forced to. Besides, this never had anything to do with the right of the gay community, I totally support their right to be happy, live as their moral codes tell them to, but this was more then that, this was not seeking equality, this was trying to force their morals on another, thus openly raping them emotionally of their morals, forcing them to be humiliated, act in a part they did not wish to, let them know what they believed in was immaterial, only what the LBGT crowd believed in mattered. This was an excuse to violate one due to their beliefs, has nothing to do with their rights, they want to take one that believes differently, humiliate, then force their moral choices on another, trying to show the superiority of their own moral codes.  This is no different then telling a gay person they have to date heterosexual woman, both are equally offensive.

Another then asked, what if Trump being the tyrant he is, tries to put in place mandates that strips the rights from the gay community to marry, what then? And what about the laws he has put in place? I asked, “What law?” Of course there is no law, never was on put in place, the supreme court put in place protections, without a constitutional convention where the actual laws of the land are rewritten, this is little or nothing Trump could do, no more then someone like say David Duke could do if he was elected to be president to role back civil rights, the simple fact is most of what we have is coded into a laws, he can’t do this anymore then a rabid atheist upon taking office could role back the protections under the constitution for us to have a freedom to worship as we please.

As I drove my wife home, I thought about this, told my wife, “This is not about the right of one group while the other has no right, such as we had in the 60’s with the civil rights, this is more about one group upon being granted the same rights as anyone else, they now want to take this a step further, they are not content in having their right to their own moral choices, they scream about others trying to force their morals on them, yet they are demanding the right to do this very thing they are screaming about to others. You now hear people on YouTube saying that we should be forced to date transsexuals:

One needs to ask themselves, where does this end, will we now be seen as bigoted if we are not attracted to the same sex? And when I say this, if you dress up in  dress, put in breast implants, take hormone pills, are you not still a man to many? The fact that you identify as something, does that mean that others have to accept it? In some area’s they are passing laws that if you don’t properly identify a person by the identity they demand, then you can get into trouble for it. You have pushes for schools to teach the moral correctness of the LGBT community, but if you asked for the same with the moral correctness of heterosexuality, we both know the outrage would be heard in the heavens, seems what is demanded is never what is given.

So what do we do? We give the respect that everyone, including the LGBT community has a right to, to live in a way that will make them happy, but we don’t have to accept the morality of those choices anymore then we have the right to force our morals on them. To try to force subservience, humiliation, then rape the moral ideology of anyone is incorrect, in the same way that we should not be doing this back in return. As much as I am willing to fight and argue for their right to practice their sexuality in a way that makes them happy, I don’t think it is too much to ask for the same respect in return.

We need to learn to give, and yes, demand, the same respect we are being asked for. Because a group was discriminated against in the past (and they were terribly), it does not give them a right to collectively punish others, nor do they have a right to try to force their moral choices on these people in return, two wrongs never make a right. Last, all sides need to be protected, not just one ideology, nor should one be forced to compromise their morals, that is unless their morals are trying to do the same to others, and remember, just because you don’t like how someone else feels, it is not effecting you in any way unless you allow it to, if their belief makes you uncomfortable, and yet they aren’t trying to force their belief system on you, you have no right to attack them, nor the other way around.

Remember, you have the right to accept you have a right to be as you are, not that all have to agree with your lifestyle or choices made, today some seem to think to accept you have to agree with, that is wrong, we can accept and not agree, that is what needs to be learned on both sides. I will continue to fight for everyone to be able to live a life in which they find happiness, but I also will continue to fight that this in turn is shown back to me.



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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