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Ripping The Facade Away From Rashida Tlaib

Ripping The Facade Away From Rashida Tlaib

Yesterday I was looking at the online magazine, Independent UK came out with an article claiming Ilhan and the other members of the squad, more specifically the Muslim ones have been treated worse than any other politician in living memory.

I read the article, the first thing that struck me was this quickly was becoming a thing of race, one woman, who said she was a woman of color identified with Ilhan due to her color of skin, then proceeded to say that was the only reason she was treated badly. She then moves on to say this is not just about the color of the skin, rather that Ilhan and others are Muslims. But I had to ask, is this why the reaction was as it was, and continues to be?

In the end I came to the conclusion that nothing but excuses were made up for both Ilhan and Rashida because they were black or brown, the ideal of low expectations was put forth, we heard Nancy Pelosi say that they did not know better, guess Nancy thought they were too stupid or ill informed, that to me is racist in its own way. In the world of Pelosi, if you are black or brown, you must be too stupid, uneducated in the ways of culture to know better, but if you are white, you should be born with this expectation.

So let’s look into the life of one of these women of the squad, we can touch on others, but for now I would like to look at Rashida Tlaib, is she what she presents to the rest of us? Is she a housewife, a mother, a deeply patriotic American who cares about her people, but is not racist towards others?

Rashida Tlaib

Rashida’s own page declares she is an activist who represents Michigan’s 13th congressional district, this is an area in Michigan is populated with 40% Hispanic, 25% African-American, 30% non-Hispanic white Americans, and 2% Arab American, she was able to pull the Arab American vote and lean on the liberal bent of the area to ride her way to a victory, but did the people know what they were getting?

So who is Rashida and what is it that she claims to represent?

In the photo below you see her draped in the Palestinian Authority flag celebrating her victory, she informed the crowd that she was now going to represent Arab interests in Congress. While I understand representing your people, I must ask, with just 2% of her constituents Arab, why didn’t she say she was going to represent them as well?

What is worse, wearing a flag of another nation, something she and Ilhan have accused others of doing, having allegiance to another nation, does this not show the same?

We should have known by the photo below what her stance on Israel was going to be, not only was she associated with a known terrorist supporter, she is also flanked by Linda Sarsour, a rabid anti-Semite who has been continuously in trouble for her attacks against Jews and Israel. She and her friends are also showing a map where they have covered Israel and put a sticky note saying Palestine, we know from this what their intent is.

We also have the case the day that Rashida took office, Asra Nomani, an American author and former Georgetown University professor. She is the co-director of the Pearl Project, a group put in place to fight radical Islam, it was named after journalist Daniel Pearl who was killed by radical Islamist.

She stated that when Rashida was elected she tried to access her office to interview her, members of CAIR blocked her from entering, refused to allow access so she denied access. Funny how Rashida is complaining that she is being denied the same thing from Israel, isn’t it?

We have had further complaints as people have investigated Rashida, they have found her connections to terrorist, supporters of terrorist is alarming, one has to wonder, how could such a person have ever been elected into office.

We find in the tweet below the type of friends she has chosen to surround herself with, a great example is the Hamas Bomber, he is one of their known bombers that have attacked numerous targets in Israel, in the passage below he says that you will know he is there when the roof blows off the top of a bus, his name is Jbara Mwafaq, a known Hamas terrorist.

If her association ended here, we would have cause for concern, but it doesn’t, it goes much, much deeper, and this is who the Democrats are backing right now. I find it interesting when the video surfaced on YouTube of her getting in the car and jetting off with known terrorist Ahlam Jbara, YouTube erased all video’s, one has to wonder, why were they aiding in this?

Who is Ahlam Jbara?

He is the founder of Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine (CCJP), a rabidly anti-Israeli activist group, one that openly advocates the destruction of Israel and setting up a Palestine from the Jordan to the Sea.

Jbara Mwafaq once posted a picture of himself speaking on a podium with the the Palestine Liberation Movement flag and advocated on social media for the end of Israel with Palestine “from the river to the sea.”
Notice the Logo, it has a photo of all of Israel and the West Bank and Gaza as Palestine, there is no Israel.

Justice in Palestin (SJP) has a history of supporting terrorist and making fake claims to try to prop up their cause.

In 2013, Cornell SJP published a blog post in support of Rasmea Odeh, a member of the Marxist-Leninist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). At the time, Odeh was facing deportation for falsely claiming that she had never been previously convicted of a crime or imprisoned.

In fact, Odeh was tried and convicted for her role in the 1969 bombing of a supermarket in Jerusalem, which killed two Hebrew University students. Her trial was attended by an observer from the International Red Cross, who deemed it fair. The SJP blog post makes no mention of the attack, claiming instead that the deportation proceedings were an “attempt to criminalize and dehumanize Odeh.”

As recently as this week, Cornell SJP hosted a teach-in entitled, “From Ferguson to Palestine: A Conversation Surrounding Struggle,” featuring an event flyer that appeared to depict a rifle, and explicitly mentions the PFLP, a US State Department-designated terrorist organization.

A member of SJP’s pro-BDS coalition, the CCJP’s online profile picture is a mural of Leila Khaled holding a rifle. Khaled, a member of the PFLP — euphemistically referred to as the first female hijacker — was responsible for the 1970 Dawson’s Field hijacking. Famously, Jewish passengers were separated from the rest of the passengers in that attack and held hostage for an additional day before being rescued.

Sadly, these views and activities are not unique to groups at Cornell. Across the country, groups affiliated with SJP regularly defend the likes of Odeh and Khaled.

We have seen groups like this move into campus’s, radicalize naive students, who instead of basic research are willing to take up a cause not based on factual accounts, rather on what they see as victimization.

This isn’t the first time Tlaib is facing scrutiny over her ties to radical activists in the country. According to Algemeiner, a New York-based Jewish newspaper, Tlaib’s fundraising efforts were backed by Maher Abdelqader, a prominent Palestinian in America, who praised Syrian Catholic bishop Hilarion Capucci who was convicted in Israel for using his status in 1974 to smuggle weapons to the terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization.

“Palestine lost one of its loyal freedom fighters, who fought passionately for the liberty and freedom of Palestine(sic) from the Zionist apartheid ugly Israeli occupation,” he tweeted after the death of the bishop.

Rashida Tlaib shared a picture of Ahmed Abuznaid on her personal Facebook page, writing “Look at this handsome voter. Ahmad Abuznaid took on hate with his vote today in #FloridaPrimary.” (Facebook)

As was stated on FOXTlaib also interacted with Ahmad Abuznaid, an anti-Israel activist who is the son of Nabil Abuznaid, Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) ambassador and former Yasser Arafat advisor. She shared a picture of him on her personal Facebook page, writing “Look at this handsome voter. Ahmad Abuznaid took on hate with his vote today in #FloridaPrimary.”

He is a co-founder of Florida-based Dream Defenders, a group that organized a trip to West Bank in 2015 and 2016, with one of the trips led by Mahmoud Jiddah, a former member of a U.S.-designated terror group – the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who spent 17 years in prison for planting bombs in Israel that wounded nine civilians. He was released as part of a prisoner swap.

I think how we feel about Tlaib is best summed up by the comments from Niel Strauss, I quote:

Unfortunately, we really aren’t surprised. Tlaib is turning out to be the exact person we were warning she is. What is perhaps the worst part about this is, Democrats won’t do a single thing about it, nor will Democratic Jewish groups,” Republican Jewish Coalition spokesperson Neil Strauss told JNS. “And it’s all because they’re afraid to stand up to their rabidly anti-Israel, far-left base.”

JDCA stands unequivocally against Abbas Hamideh’s radical record and his extremist anti-Israel views which should be condemned by all,” the Jewish Democratic Council of America told the outlet. “Since August of last year, JDCA has repeatedly stated our strong policy disagreements with Rep. Rashida Tlaib and we urge her to make clear where she stands with regard to Abbas Hamideh.”

“Unfortunately, we really aren’t surprised. Tlaib is turning out to be the exact person we were warning she is. What is perhaps the worst part about this is, Democrats won’t do a single thing about it, nor will Democratic Jewish groups,” Republican Jewish Coalition spokesperson Neil Strauss told JNS. “And it’s all because they’re afraid to stand up to their rabidly anti-Israel, far-left base.”

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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