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Robert Reich – The Left’s New Spokesman For Impeaching Trump

Robert Reich – The Left’s New Spokesman For Impeaching Trump

In a typical act of idiocy one would expect from Robert Reich, he jumps to conclusions to make a case for impeachable offenses that simply don’t exist. What is more, one has to ask, where was he when Obama was doing the same thing? No wait, he is a typical leftist political hack, what was I thinking.

In a video he recently released he goes into reasons I will get into below calling for the impeachment of Trump, then gets into the real reason for the message, it really has nothing to do with Trump, but I will get into that, here is the video he just released.

In this video he claims there are four, and soon possibly 5 things Trump could be impeached for, but is there any evidence what he is claiming has a ring of truth to it? Well, maybe if you are a brain dead far left liberal it may, but anyone with a clue of federal law, then a basic understanding of civics they would see this man is just another whiny clueless liberal.

The first thing he states Trump could be impeached for is when he took the oath of Office he promised to execute and uphold the constitution and laws of the land, he claims that Trump violated this. And how did he? His idea of a terrible offense is that Trump dared to accuse Obama of wiretapping him and his team after he won the election but had not yet taken the oath of office.

Have to admit, when I heard this I got a chuckle out of it, for it was not a law that this bumbling idiot sees that is broken, for if that was the case, then why wasn’t Obama arrested countless times for blaming everything on Bush, rather it was that Trump dared to make such a claim against someone he obviously looked up to.

Seems he ignores the fact that now it has come out that Trump’s team was under surveillance from the Obama administration, they are after all investigating this in congress. But that does not matter, he wants this to be a impeachable offense because his feelings are hurt. What is most worrisome, he is a Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy, and we wonder why our school kids are so messed up, this is a good reason, you have idiots like him teaching them.

But he doesn’t stop with the one point, the next one he gives for impeachment is Section 1, Article 9 of the constitution, which he claims prohibits the president from taking anything of value from other nations. There is a couple of problems with this, the first being that there is no such thing in the constitution, I think this idiot just makes things up as he goes.

Second; even if you look at the Title VI: Conflict of Interest and Disclosure, this only applies to the members of the senate and the house, it does not apply to the president, but rather then show impropriety the presidents over the years have divorced themselves from any of their business holdings.

This is the whole problem you have with this claim, the FACT that there is no law claiming the president is beholding to this, yet listening to the left you would thing it is written in US law, which it isn’t. Once more we see from the left, more specifically from Reich here a overreach of what should be claimed, but as we have seen FACTS don’t matter to people like him.

The one thing to add in here though is the fact that Trump passed his operation of his business to his kids, the claim that he is making money off of his Washington hotel holdings is nonsense, he has already shown that he is donating all profits from any foreign visitor so this can’t be claimed, there is no personal profit coming from his holdings. But as I earlier stated, there is no law prohibiting from making a profit if he so choses.

Third; he claims that Trumps travel ban is directed at only Muslims. of course this is not true, if Trump had done this, then why isn’t Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Indonesia or a host of other nations included in this travel ban? There is no truth to this claim, of course as we have seen Reich has no problem with stretching the truth or outright lying when it suites him.

Forth; he claims that Trump is violating the provision of freedom of press, yet Trump has never shut down any press, he is not like the darling of the left, Wilson who put members of the press in prison if they dared to publish articles unfavorable towards him.

What is more, the fake news coming from the press is so overwhelming it is hard not to call them out, not to mention the outright bias from them. But I have to also ask, Obama did the same thing to FOX, called them out while at White House briefings, campaign stops, are we then to believe that he also was seen as breaking the law by Reich? Of course not, this would never apply to a leader from the left to hypocrites like him.

Then Reich goes off on the deep end, he claims Trump is guilty of treason, and his treasonous act is? According to him it is adhering to our enemies, giving them aid and comfort, he goes on to say there is evidence that both Trump and his associates colluded with Russians. I must ask, what evidence? I have heard this for the last year, yet to date there has not been one shred of proof that Trump did anything like this, in fact just the opposite.

This also brings up another point of his hypocrisy, guess when you pass almost a billion dollars in pallets of money and gold, wrapped up and shipped to our enemy who has daily called for our destruction, like Obama did to Iran, well that is not doing this, that is just how business is done, right? Here you see the lunacy of this idiot, and yes, I called him an idiot, for no other word does him justice.

What worries me the most, you have him openly speaking of resistance to a sitting president, he is showing openly that the law does not matter; his obsession is all that does. You want to see sedition, then look no further then him and many in the left, I say to AG Sessions; it is time you start to make charges against people like this doing this sort of thing, considering he is part of the Obama and Clinton administrations, it shows that you have collusion with actors of former democrat administrations.

We want justice, but not against Trump, he has done nothing, well other then make this nation great again. What we want is justice against actors of the deep state like Reich; the question is if Sessions and other members of our government have the heart to do what is right.

Once more we see that this is not something that is going to go away, what we need to do is start to demand justice be done. We have seen this with the democrats in congress, they called for a vote on impeachment, not that it had any merit, only did so for the sake of appearance, thus wasted time for the sake of grandstanding.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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