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Roseanne While Doing The Unthinkable Exposes Double Standards of the Left.

Roseanne While Doing The Unthinkable Exposes Double Standards of the Left.

I am no fan of Vallery Jarret, but can by no means support what Roseanne said about her in her tweet, but I must ask, why the double standards. Why is it that you have people like Joy Reid, have terrible anti-white racist statements, this is just fine with the press  and the left, she tweets out homophobic posts 12 years ago, that is excused with an apology, yet you have the left screaming about a comment almost 40 years ago about AIDS being G-ds punishment on the gay community by a member of the Trump administration, a sentiment held by many in the 80’s, one that over time, as people became educated was corrected, yet judgement from what was said 40 years ago is still being applied?

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We heard during the last administration President Obama came into office saying he supported traditional marriage, then he said he evolved, the press praised him about his ability to grow, but they refuse to do the same for anyone from the other party, they will bring back and attack over stances of traditional marriage from over 30 years ago, can we say extreme double standards? What is more, they claim that somehow Trump is homophobic, but all his statements and actions have shown the opposite. I know some will then bring up his demands that people undergoing sex transitions not be allowed in combat, but this has more to do with how do you maintain treatment, hold the medication under the right conditions while in a combat zone, you are putting more strain on soldiers then aiding their ability to fight, but that does not matter to many, they would rather sacrifice lives than give up on a demand, no matter how impractical it is.

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Many have asked me over the years, what is my stance on gay marriage, I reply it is the law, does it really matter? I have been attacked for this, asked then by what standards do I define my morals, I point to the Torah or Bible, people hold up their hands to their mouth in shock, say how could I define my morals by such a book? I tell them to talk to the man upstairs, last I checked his morals have not evolved, you know, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, I like that steadiness, with today’s world defining what morals are changing by the day, I have mine from a source that has remained steady. My views on same-sex marriage, homosexuality are put down in the article LGBT: A PERSONAL STORY OF GROWTH AND UNDERSTANDING, I found in the end while my morals are held personally, my stance as an American is everyone in this nation deserves to be happy, to live as they wish.

You also get the usual attacks, the holy writings supports slavery, I say no, it defines how to act towards a slave, not because it was accepted, rather it was part of life, if something is ingrained in society, give the tools to change it, but forcing the change overnight you are going to run people off, you are trying to push change before they are changed from within. As society grew, people grew to understand the immoral aspect of slavery, it stopped, the morals given came to fruition,  but not until humanity had come to the awareness of this. This reminds me of dealing with an addict, when you go in and take everything away go cold turkey, you are most likely to be faced with relapse, but when you educate, change behaviour, you give tools that make the person aware, then give the tools to help walk away, the rate of relapse is much less.

Faith, I really don’t write about this, and with good reason, there are so many conflicting ideas. I remember growing up, hearing someone tell me a story about how people react to faith, they are like the three blind men discovering an elephant, the story goes like this:

Three blind men come across an elephant, they are curious, never had come across such an animal in their life. The first goes up and grabs its trunk, loudly proclaims to his two friends, “This animal is just like a stout rope!

The other is curious he comes up to the elephant’s belly, he reaches out, no rope, it is so large he can’t get his arms around it. It is thus very large, the skin covering it is rough, and it is unmoving, he yells at the other two friends, “This animal is like a large unmoving boulder!

The third man rushed up, what a amazing thing, two different opinions of the same animal, how could that be, he reached until he felt its leg, he found it the size of a tree trunk, firm and unmoving, planted to the ground, he yelled back gleefully, “This animal is just like a tree!

All three could not understand how each had such a different opinion, the others must be wrong, so they started to yell and fight with each other, meanwhile they elephant they wanted to get to know ran away scared off by the noise.

This story is what we are like, if the three had sat down and rather then fight over whom was right, rather learned from each other this wonderful animal had three qualities, its trunk was like a stout rope, its belly was big and round like a boulder, and its legs were like a planted tree, they could have sat there and learned of the animal from their three different perspectives, instead they fought over whom was right and wrong. Faith is like this.

I come from duel backgrounds, Christian and Jewish, I see the conflicts between the two, I also see the beauty of both, rather than allowing these duel forces be in conflict, I wonder what I can learn. I learn of the steadfastness of Judaism, also the change and forgiveness of Christianity. One side has explored what if’s, has a whole writing called the Talmud which has teachers debating two sides to just about every issue, the Jews learn from this and apply it to their lives. Christianity teaches along with other things, the ability to forgive and move on. While many times some seem to forget this, have used the faith for other reasons no so divine, the core of the teachings are wrapped up real easy with two truths it teaches, “Love your neighbor as yourself”, and “Let the one with no sin be the first to cast a stone,” in other words be fast to love, slow to judge, and ready to give forgiveness. I have found strength learning from both.

And this is how what I learned from both is applied to how I look at what Rosanne did, I have seen this happen many times in the past, but also know that hatred does little but breed more hatred, it is better to give forgiveness when asked for, then be careful when judging, I have said plenty of stupid things in my life, but life changes, so have I, while my morals are planted on something unchanging, my life is in constant change, so best to live with change and lean on what is unmoving.

Rosanne asked for forgiveness, it should be given, but as in all things in life, there are consequences, thus ABC shut down her show, she was the star of it, that I also equally support. But I also reserve the right to ask why they are so quick to judge, yet refuse to deal in the same way with others? Equality, something all love to speak about, so quick to condemn if not given, yet so slow to give out to others.

But I wish to give a caution out with this, this is by no means a free pass to say that no one can criticize Islam, I will continue to do so, and will do it as long as I see continued wrong done by them, Islam is not a race, to claim criticism of the FAITH has anything to do with racism is nonsense, but I also hope for the day when the violance you see in the Koran is done away with, rejected, just like some of the violance in my own holy writings, they have no place in our modern world. I will continue to reject tweets and comments like this:

While I have an issue with the statement, to act like it is a phobia that causes one to call out terrorist groups, groups like the Muslim Brotherhood with ties to Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and Hamas is pure nonsense, they aren’t any better than ISIS, and no one has a problem when people call out them.  All movements and all faiths should be open to condemnation and questions when they terrorize people, something the Muslim Brotherhood has done since its founding.


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