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Rosenstein Given Seven Days To Produce Paperwork

Rosenstein Given Seven Days To Produce Paperwork

We have seen a battle that has been going on for over a year now, the Congress as a  co-equal branch of power in the US government asks the deputy Attorney General Rosenstein for paperwork concerning the election and interference from within the Justice Department and the FBI, along with the filings for starting the Collusion and obstruction investigation with special counsel Mueller, yet they have stonewalled. Congress has finally tired of this; they voted yesterday to give Rosenstein seven days to produce or face charges of Contempt of Congress and possible impeachment.

Because of the tragic shootings, and I will briefly touch on this at the end of this, much of the press moved away from this hearing with Rosenstein who is the Deputy Attorney General and the head of the FBI, Christopher Ray, to get answers on why both of them have been withholding and delaying requests from Congress material they need for oversight of these two agencies.

One of the most surprising twists, the party that used to demand government accountability, the Democrats, today are okay with all this stonewalling, calling out the GOP members for daring to question why the Justice Department has failed to produce the paperwork.

You can hear in the debate above the Democrat, Representative Erik Swalwell tries to run interference for the deputy AG, then starts to interrupt the proceedings; of course this is the same loon that has been running around on talk shows, in spite of claiming to be an attorney, seems he has forgotten the authority granted to the president, claims that Trump firing the Head of the FBI was obstructing justice, and still is preaching to his choir that there was Russian Collusion. I will admit to collusion, but at this point, the only collusion shown has been with the DNC.

In the process of the night, have to say, it drives my thirteen-year-old child nuts, he does nothing but yell and grumble how bored he is, I record different shows from CNN, MSNBC, ABC along with FOX to get a perspective from both sides, I play through all the fluff, then try to glean real quick perspectives that given from both sides. I found in reaction to this hearing from the left this; they tried to interfere and attack while the questions were being asked.

We also saw attacks against the GOP congressmen in the room for daring to question why Rosenstein was not producing the documents that were demanded, or if they were, they were redacted to cover and protect the actions of partisan acts by people in the FBI or Justice Department. You have the Washington posts claiming the GOP is out of control for daring to question why documents have not been given, ABC claimed to dare to ask why there were so many redactions of the paperwork handed to Congress, why these later were found to be the typical CYA you see with government workers, this was a personal attack. In a usual manner, the liberal members of Congress tried to paint Rosenstein as a victim; they somehow had to come courageously to his assistance.

There were also condemnations that Congress dared to ask for the documentation of an ongoing investigation, the left claimed that such a thing was unprecedented, but seems they demanded this during the Bush Administration, do the same thing now, guess this only applies when it is not protecting them.

What we need is to see that the paperwork is supplied, there should be no redactions; if they are not produced, and given in a way that is not covering up and protecting wrongdoing by agents in the FBI and Justice Department, then they should move to start impeaching Rosenstein right away.

This has gone on long enough; I am not sure what the left fears, other then Rosenstein was part of the deep state, has moved to cover up for these people, to cover for Mueller and has continued to try to attack Trump, the people’s choice. We need to clean out this rats nest; I would say a great place to start is with the Deputy AG.

A mass shooting in Annapolis

In other news, there was another horrific attack on a newsroom in the Annapolis paper; his name is Jarrod Ramos.

Turns out he had for a while now sent threatening emails and text messages to the company, not much is known what was said, and due to conflicting reports, fake tweets now being displayed, until I see something that can be confirmed, I prefer to not add to the pile of fake news and speculation.

We do know that he did alter his fingerprints, this was openly admitted to by the sheriff, we also heard, but have no confirmation yet from the authorities that they used facial recognition to identify this man, but there are multiple sources, this is good enough to publish. We also know there was a lawsuit against the paper that Ramos had lost, that he carried animous towards the court and the paper due to this loss.

In the end, this is another tragic attack, most of the information will come out over the next couple of weeks, until then speculation will run rampant, but give the investigation time, we will find out the truth.


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