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Russia Launches Full Scale Invasion Of Ukraine

Russia Launches Full Scale Invasion Of Ukraine

Russia launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine on Thursday, hitting cities and bases with airstrikes or shelling, as civilians piled into trains and cars to flee. Ukraine’s government said Russian tanks and troops rolled across the border in what is called a “full-scale war” that could rewrite the geopolitical order and whose fallout already reverberated around the globe.

In announcing a major military operation, Russian President Vladimir Putin deflected global condemnation and cascading new sanctions — and chillingly referred to his country’s nuclear arsenal as he threatened any foreign country attempting to interfere with “consequences you have never seen.”

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NATO’s chief said the “brutal act of war” shattered peace on the European continent, as the U.S.-led alliance mobilized more troops to move toward eastern Europe.

Sirens rang out in Ukraine’s capital and people massed in train stations and took to roads, as the government said the former Soviet republic was seeing a long-anticipated invasion from the east, north, and south and reported more than 40 soldiers had been killed and dozens wounded.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has started taking steps to officially sever diplomatic ties with Russia, according to a statement.

Ukraine has also recalled its Chargé d’Affaires in the Russian Federation for consultations and has begun the evacuation of the embassy in Moscow.

“Our state took such a step in response to the act of armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the invasion of Russian troops to destroy the Ukrainian state, the seizure of Ukrainian territory by force and the establishment of occupation control,” the Foreign Ministry said. 

“We emphasize that Russia’s offensive operation is an attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, a gross violation of the UN Charter and fundamental norms and principles of international law,” the statement added. 

While the Ukrainian government plans to sever diplomatic relations with Russia, it has said it will not sever consular relations. 

NATO’s Reaction

NATO will increase land, sea, and air forces on its eastern flank amid Russia’s “horrifying attack on Ukraine,” the security alliance said in a statement Thursday. 

“Russia’s actions pose a serious threat to Euro-Atlantic security, and they will have geostrategic consequences. NATO will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the security and defense of all Allies,” the statement said.

“We are deploying additional defensive land and air forces to the eastern part of the Alliance, as well as additional maritime assets. We have increased the readiness of our forces to respond to all contingencies,” it added. 

The statement condemned Russia’s actions, which it labeled “unjustified and unprovoked,” and reaffirmed that it stood with the people of Ukraine. 


“Today, we have held consultations under Article 4 of the Washington Treaty. We have decided, in line with our defensive planning to protect all Allies, to take additional steps to further strengthen deterrence and defense across the Alliance. Our measures are and remain preventive, proportionate, and non-escalatory,” the statement continued. 

“Our commitment to Article 5 of the Washington Treaty is iron-clad. We stand united to defend each other,” it stated. 

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