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Russia Now Seizing Passenger Planes, Puts Arrest Warrants On Biden and His Administration

Russia Now Seizing Passenger Planes, Puts Arrest Warrants On Biden and His Administration

The last time Russia had a conflict with Ukraine, the international outcry was nothing compared to what we see now. In 2014 the Russians seized a small part of Ukraine in just one year of low conflict fighting, with Russia sending their troops with unmarked uniforms.

But this time is much different. Other than slapping Russia on the hand, Western nations have started to sanction Putin and his allies, seized luxury ships from them, frozen accounts, and are seizing property. In response, Putin just seized all passenger Jets the Russians were leasing to continue flights despite sanctions cutting off the use of these jets.


But more, we have Russia, which has correctly stated that the US is involved with Ukraine in the workings of biological germ labs, but the question is if they are correct that there has been germ warfare or not? With the mass misinformation from both sides, it is hard to tell the truth, and not.

There is also the case that the masses have been desensitized towards false information; for the last two years, we have been lied to about Covid the elections, Biden’s and his son’s dealing with Ukrain, yet no one seems to care. We have found out that many would rather live comfortably with a lie than living uncomfortably with the truth.

Adding to this, Biden and his administration now have arrest and seize orders against them by Putin; if any of them come into Russian-controlled territory, and they are caught, they will be detained. If Russia can get hold of any of their accounts, they will now seize all funds from them; this is retaliation over seizing Russian billionaires’ assets, such as yachts and housing.

Clinton is using this to try to say she has done something good:

Yet one has to question, what type of dirt does Putin have on Clinton, Biden, and other leaders? Why are they so silent about this? What is worse, the Biden administration’s reaction to this, they claim that Russia must be talking about Biden’s deceased father, for Biden is a Junior. This has to be the weakest response in the history of this nation.

I know Tucker has come under attack for daring to ask why we should put ourselves out there for Ukrain, but I ask the same question, are they worth kicking off a world war? This is the same nation that enriched the Bidens for years; the offense by Biden and others is Russia is taking away their cash cow. This is the same nation that aided Clinton in collecting dirt on Trump; at this point, I am beginning to wonder why we are giving them any aid.

We now have the darling of the Democrats, the turncoat, Kinzinger, who says he will never appear on Tucker. I would not watch if he showed up; I have no time for this fool.

The real crime of Tucker is that he dared to question the narrative coming out of the Leftist press, and from this administration, such a move is not allowed; thus, the big press is pushing an all-out attack against him, determined to shut him down finally. I will not tell you I agree with Tucker all the time, I don’t, but I do support him standing up and calling to question the narrative we now see being pushed by big-press along with this administration.

Many on the Left attack me over this position, but I ask them if they are in the military. Most are confused when I ask this, but I then follow up with, “I and many like me served in our military, we know the type of death and destruction such a war would bring, we want nothing to do with it to support a corrupt country. If you are so determined, go to Ukraine, fight for them; they are in desperate need of fighters or join the US military; they seem to be trying to bring more of you woke leftist into their midst under this administration.

Notes from the Editor

I want to apologize for being gone the last couple of days. As many of you know, I lost my wife six months ago; last week, a fire in my home displaced my son and me. Over the last few days, I had to set up housing to take care of comforting my child, who has been through so much over the last couple of months. While this project is very important to me, it does not, nor ever can take first or even second place in my life. My priority will always be my faith, my second is my family, and this business comes third.


I promise I will try to share a story with you every day, but things are fluid now, so I may have to take a day off if needed until this settles down.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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