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London’s Sadiq Khan Rips Trump for His Handling Of Hurricane Dorian

London’s Sadiq Khan Rips Trump for His Handling Of Hurricane Dorian

In a city that is beset with violence, shootings, stabbings, terrorist attacks, London’s Sadiq Khan thinks he is on the moral high ground when he criticizes Trump’s handling of Hurricane Dorian but does he really have any room to talk? How about we look at what he has done with London since 2016

Khan, who in 2015 while running for mayor promised to build up housing in London, to freeze the price of the transit, to enhance policing, he instead did nothing, made up excuses for the lack of policing, instead blamed the central government and blamed everyone but the people actually doing the crimes.

He has again and again blamed the police, while stopping their ability to stop and frisk, spent huge funds on giving to his cronies, spent over 3 million pounds on advertising to pick up his image.

He like most liberals has pushed the changing of demographics in London, tout’s the change as great for the city, but it seems Londoners aren’t agreeing, many are fleeing the violence brought with the new immigrants.

He talks about democracy, then turns on the people for daring to disagree with him on Brexit, has used city money to run anti-Brexit adds.

Flat owners were angry when Khan tried to impose rent control on landlords, in the end found that trying to implement this caused the price of rent to rise sharply and upkeep on the flats to go way down.

He promised to build 116,000 homes on TFL land, but he is not building family homes, instead has chosen to not build family homes, instead has gone through the 1/2 of 4.8 billion pounds, yet has only built 1/3 of the homes promised, and they are not the type of homes that are in demand, so to distract from his failings, then tried to impose rent control, something he has no power to do.

During the attacks by Muslim migrants on Londoners, Khan made up excuses, said to criticize any migration policy was to show Islamophobia, instead pushed to have more of the Middle Eastern migrants be brought to London.

With all his failings, he has done what most liberals do, tried to attack others so his miserable failings would not be focused on. He has none stopped attacked Brexit, President Trump, and now the new PM of England for daring to be friendly with Trump.

He was correct however that Trump did visit his golf course, but what he did not say is that Trump had run on a whirlwind schedule to make sure that FEMA and other groups were set up and put in place to handle the storms landfall.

I think we are dealing with typical Trump Derangement Syndrome from both the left here and the ones overseas, if Trump did nothing, sat in the White House and worried, they would have attacked him for not trusting his people to handle what was coming. They were set up to attack him after he set up the resources, made sure the people were in place, he then pulled back and let them take care of what has been planned out.

I think I stand with many in America when I say, Khan, before you go about shaking your finger at others, take care of your own back yard first.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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