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Same Democratic Party ….. Corrupt as Ever

Same Democratic Party ….. Corrupt as Ever

Same  Democratic Party … Corruption as Ever

Nine years ago the DNC stood proudly with Barrack Obama at their head, pranced around stage, told us of their virtue, a contract with America, they were going to show the country a better way, no more were they old corrupt DNC with tired idea’s, with this brash young president they were going to show us a better way. But did they? Of course not. Same  Democratic Party … Corrupt as Ever.

Ever notice when dealing with some of the democratic elite they love to lecture you from place of superiority (well at least in their minds); you have Sanders that loves to yell about the virtues of democratic socialism, they yell that the free market ideology allows a few to get rich off the backs of the many, so what is their much more moral stance? Let’s steal from the rich to give to the poor. Democratic Party … Corrupt as Ever.

You then have the politicians that shout that the tax plan the GOP is presenting is going to hurt the middle class and make them pay more, scream what liars they are, maybe we should be happy they are accusing the right of trying to push granny off the cliff any longer. Of course we hear how President Trump stole the elections, how Hillary got more votes, she is the rightful president, Trump is not their president.  But what is the truth, and how much of this is fact or rhetoric?

Obama came in riding on his great steed, like emperors of old, if they could have they would have created a arch like Titus had in Rome for him, this man was going to unite this country like never before. We were told that race relations were going to for once be greater then they ever were, the tired corruption of the Republican party was over, they had super-majorities in both the House and the Senate, they were set to set their plan in motion, they were going to educate the conservatives in the error of their way, and not only the conservatives here, but everywhere, Obama was going to be the beacon of light, why he was going to be better then Old Lady Liberty herself.

Upon leaving office we heard this from the people within the administration, in their mind in the history of this nation there was NEVER a more virtuous administration then what they had, in fact they told us so:

“I will say that the thing I’m most proud of, Jake, is an administration now, acknowledging that we still have six days left or five days left, that has been historically free of scandal.”
— White House chief of staff Denis McDonough, interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Jan. 15, 2017

I’m proud of the fact that, with two weeks to go, we’re probably the first administration in modern history that hasn’t had a major scandal in the White House.”
— President Obama, interview on “60 minutes,” aired Jan. 15

White House spokesman Eric Schultz said the assertions are “based on the fact that there’s been no scandals over the past eight years the likes of which we’ve seen plague previous Administrations — as reaffirmed by journalists from across the spectrum.”

But how much of that was true? The reality is the Obama administration had one thing neither Trump nor Bush 1 or 2, Reagan or Ford had, a press that was willing to go to great lengths to cover up any wrongdoing of the administration, it would not do to have any tarnish on them, they wanted to appeal to the American people that it was in their best interest to create another 4 and possibly 8 years of this, just vote for Hillary.

Of course, we did not see any Iran-Contra spectacle or Lewinsky that swallowed up years of the Reagan or Clinton administration. He had his press, oops, I mean the free press run articles like New York Time’s,  “Obama has been a largely classy, mature and personally scandal-free presence in the White House”, and of course Paul Waldman had to write, “Barack Obama will be president for less than eight more months, and he’s had only piddling little scandals.” But how much of this was actually the truth?

Seems the press ignored, in fact still do unless you are at a conservative site, or looking at a opinion page from a conservative writer like me, you will find cracks in this narrative, seems they forgot about Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the Fast and Furious, he was held in contempt for lying to congress, covering for Obama as they moved to sell guns to drug lords, the very guns that were later used against our own agents (kind of reminds me of the Iran-Contra affair, yet hardly one peep out of the press, we both know if this had been a Republican, say Trump, the calls for impeachment would have been even louder then they are now. And don’t even get me started with Benghazi, the IRS targeting political opposition groups, or any group that dared to support Israel and their Prime Minister. Same  Democratic Party … Corrupt as Ever.

And speaking of their Prime Minister, remember how well the press reported how the White House interfered with the Israeli elections, how they sent over the Obama election team to try to unseat a leader of our ally, how they sent over hundreds of thousands of dollars of State Department money to aid in this opposition, in spite of the fact that it is against the law? Wait, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, not a peep, nor did New York Times, Time Magazine or Newsweek deem it something worth writing about, sure we’re not going to call out the president. But when they thought Russia did the same thing back to their darling, Clinton, oh the outrage, demands of impeachment against Trump, you had calls from congressmen and the press that this was a act of war. Displayed for all we saw the hypocrisy of the party displayed for all to see.

And did Obama unite us as a race? Of course he did not, our race relations are worse then they have been since the 1960’s, in fact you have groups like Black Lives Matter prancing around yelling to kill cops, demanding we given them reparations, last I checked no one who is alive today was alive back then, and as I told one of their members, much up to their horror, “You say the Egyptians were black, I have no issue with this, not all but some were, they were ruled by the Nubian Pharaohs, so sounds fair, so you sue, then please figure out how much interest we all owe for 200 years of this, add in the lost wages, pain and suffering, then the interest and we will put it in a fund. But I am a Jew, so then we will take in turn from your labor, pain, and suffering, and interest for 400 years of slavery, but remember, my interest will be for about 4,500 years, yours for 100, then what is left over, you pay me!” I loved this idea, the poor man went crazy, guess it is not fair when the shoe is on the other foot.

But there is more, we have seen now with the idiocy of “White Privilege”, the claims that somehow due to our color of skin we are more “Privileged”, this is used to explain away failure, the lack of upward mobility, the reason why more blacks are in prison than whites, guess crimes rates, the fact that 60% of all murders in the US are performed by 6% of the population, Black Males, has nothing to do with this, or that the same population is guilty of committing over 50% of armed robberies, over 35% of assault and battery, all of this is immaterial, they are factual, and in today’s liberal teaching facts are racist is they don’t conform to liberal thought. Why we even have teachers, actual College professors teaching that higher math is perpetrating “White Privilege” (didn’t China do this with their cultural revolution, attack the educated, teachers, anyone with a higher learning, basically set that nation back by 50 years overnight, out of it came starvation and a whole set of kids that were not educated properly – not that they are like this now), seems once more we see the left wanting to repeat the mistake of another. Same  Democratic Party … Corrupt as Ever.

The screams of outrage go outside of the rational, you hear that President Trump is homophobic, but when you ask, you sure never get proof, their proof is they heard it from someone else, if you point out the facts, then you get attacked because you are obviously a fascist, why else would you dare to project that aggression’s against the fragile minds of these people. When you hear cries of victim-hood, you no longer find out the reason, does not matter any longer if the person perceived as victims, like the people say a hot-spot of terror, Gaza, are firing thousands of rockets at civilians, kidnapping and killing them, you are daring to strike back, what they did is immaterial, and the press has gotten so bad, they will even admit this. The UN in the last conflict yelled that Israel was not putting up Iron Dome in Gaza, guess it did not dawn on them that the only reason Israel was attacking sites was due to rockets fired at them. What is even more amazing, many times it is a Jewish kid arguing this with you (have to admit, I have at times wondered if I would get in trouble for slapping the stupid out of them, then snap back and banish that little blithe dream).

We now hear things so bad, you have the Democrats on the steps of the capital screaming they want Trump fired.  And Why? Turns out he acted within his right as president, he fired the head of the FBI, turns out we found out later that same head was leaking information illegally to the press, but naturally that does not matter, they just know Trump fired him. Of course when you bring up the fact that one of the top Harvard law professors that are a democrat supporter stated it was 100% within Trump’s legal right, they then turn on the Jewish professor, guess now he is a fascist as well, welcome to the DNC’s madhouse, seems they never studied Jefferson’s handling of Burr, the fact that he fired the head of the Justice Department for not investigating as he wished, he becomes personally involved in the investigation. The president has the right to not only hire and fire directors within the Legal department, but he has a legal right to stop investigations, to direct them where and where not to go, the only way to stop this is to have Congress put in place a act of Congress that would prohibit this.

As time has gone on, we now see the corruption of the DNC, how Clinton ran them during the election, directed how money was to be spent, how to circumvent the primary process so Sanders would not have a chance of being a nominee, thus stealing the primary (seems the left is looking at the wrong person over stealing a nomination, Trump never did this), this was all exposed by the corrupt Democratic spokes….. oops by CNN reporter Donna Brazile, later after she was caught aiding Clinton, she was put in as head of the DNC, that was due to Debbie Wasserman Schultz being fired for the same thing. (Am I the only one having a hard time keeping up with this?). And let’s not forget her outrage when questioned on what she later admitted to:

Once more we see that while the left loves to present themselves as one of these shiny, nicely painted dolls with a buffed up exterior, yet when you crack that doll open you are stuck with the stench of corruption as the swamp starts to slowly ooze out of it. Same  Democratic Party … Corrupt as Ever.




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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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