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Sanders Director, If Sanders Wins Reeducation Camps, Trump Wins Cities Will Burn

Sanders Director, If Sanders Wins Reeducation Camps, Trump Wins Cities Will Burn

What are the plans of Sanders supporters if Trump wins, and what are their plans if Bernie wins? I think that what we hear, not just listening to the candidates, but rather the ground roots supporters, who are active in their campaigns, tells us far more of the intent then what the speeches tell us.

We know that a continuation of a Trump presidency for the next four years means a great economic outlook, in spite of all the so-called experts telling us otherwise. But what does it mean to the big cities that aren’t pro-Trump?

Kyle Jurek, a Field Organizer for Sanders campaign tells us the intent of the left if Trump wins, he openly admits that if he does, cities will burn. I hear this and have to wonder, why would we stop it? If these fools want to burn their homes, cities, and places of business to the ground, why are we going to fight them? Just cordon off the cities and let them have at it, see what they do over the next few days when there is no food, no water, and no one is allowed to leave.

Kyle doesn’t stop there, he states that if Sanders wins they want to follow the Soviet example and set up reeducation gulags, camps set up to re-educate Trump followers, although he does later admit that this may be a helpless cause, maybe something more extreme will be needed.

What is most amazing about this is the absolute stupidity of the claim he makes that Golugs were like camps, they gave a guaranteed living wage to the people in them, that must be why so many died, right, Kyle?

I would tell these people to hear the testimony of former Gulag survivors, but let’s be honest here, anyone that thought the Soviet Union was a great place to go on a honeymoon is already missing more than a few loose screws.

We can look at the first-hand account of someone who spent time in a Gulag, who was put in due to complaints he made to a friend about Stalin and communism, subsequently, he was sentenced to 10 years in the Gulag, then was expelled from the Soviet Union.

To keep this accurate, I have to state that this was never stated, nor has ever been said by Sanders, but it was openly spoken about by his supporters and people working within his campaign.

We have to ask ourselves, is this the vision we have for America? For Sanders to set up reeducation camps to change conservative thought to liberal thinking? And what happens to those of us who would never view this ideology as anything but evil?

We would love to give thanks for Project Veritas for exposing this!

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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    The cost to set up and maintain something like this will cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. I started with a settlement I had gotten, figured I would not make a dime for 3 years, this is the only way you can do this, figure a total loss for 3 years.


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