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Say, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” You Could Be Labelled A Terrorist By The FBI

Say, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” You Could Be Labelled A Terrorist By The FBI

For the last four years, the hatred spewed by the Left against Trump was amazing. They made plays about killing him; Madonna talked about how she wanted to burn down the White House, Jonny Depp spoke about how we needed a modern-day Booth to deal with Trump, none of that brought the feds down on them; they sure were not classified as terrorists, but say, ” Let’s go, Brandon,” you could end up on a no-fly list and find yourself under investigation by the FBI.

In a tweet on Saturday, CNN’s Asha Rangappa compared the pilot’s statement over the 737’s PA system to a captain announcing “Long live ISIS” before departure, after a TikTok video of the unnamed pilot went viral last week.


For four years, we saw liberals howl at the sky over Trump, they went crazy trying to impeach him, not with any chargeable crime, simply because they didn’t like him, but if you say something in protest of Biden, they feel our speech should be silenced. It seems the Left is demanding their right to condemn, use images of violence, even call for it. That is fine if it is not someone they support, but you say you disagree with their candidate; they want you charged and jailed.

The reason for this is simple. Under Obama, they used the claim of racism to silence the condemnation of Obama’s policies, but they can’t do this with Biden, so they are seeking to silence speech they can’t browbeat to stop.

But what has set the Left off is not only the speech, but they had it put on an item they are terrified of and have been trying to take from us for years, our weapons.

South Carolina-based gun manufacturer is cashing in on the hilarious “Let’s Go Brandon” trend, which triggered one establishment media reporter to such a degree that he contacted the Secret Service over it.

Palmetto State Armory recently unveiled a “LETSGO-15” stripped lower receiver for a reasonable price of $59.99.

“The “LETSGO-15″ lower comes from the most advanced aerospace manufacturing technology and is one of the industry’s finest forged, MIL-SPEC lowers,” a description of the product reds. “This PSA lower is made using our automated manufacturing process. Our multi-million-dollar engineering and manufacturing facilities allow us to produce a product of unequaled quality and value.”

PSA also noted in the item description, “Fire Selector: ‘F@CK!’ (Safe), ‘JOE!’ (Fire), ‘BIDEN!’ (Full-Auto).”

The receiver got a lot of attention online, and it eventually got the attention of NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian, who fear-mongered about the item.

“Gun dealers are marketing weapon parts and ammunition using a right-wing slogan widely understood as code for profanity directed at President Joe Biden,” warned Dilanian, who also mistakenly referred to the AR-15 platform of rifles as an “assault rifle.”

If you use free speech, that is a problem, but it could be worse; here, an NBC reporter, instead of acknowledging there are chants against Biden, tries to attribute the chants of “Let’s go Brandon,” to a NASCAR racer.

But things have not stopped here. On Friday, a Southwest Airlines pilot reportedly said it during a Houston-Albuquerque flight.

“We’re heading east at about 107 or 108 mph,” the pilot said in a clip available on TikTok. “Clear visibility, mostly clear skies, 77 degrees. Thanks for coming out and flying Southwest Airlines. Welcome aboard, and remember, let’s go, Brandon.”

In addition to the clip going viral on TikTok, the incident was amplified by Associated Press reporter Colleen Long, who said she was aboard the flight.

No, Colleen, the fact that you thought you had a right to demand the pilot’s on the plane open their door to hear you out sounds insane, but then, if the shoe fits, wear it.

This brought about the worse comparison, where voicing displeasure with a president was equating to supporting radical terrorists who behead people who don’t follow their faith, which was selling women into sex slavery:

As an experiment, I’d love for an @SouthwestAir pilot to say ‘Long live ISIS’ before taking off,” Rangappa tweeted Saturday.

“I guess that 1) the plane would be immediately grounded; 2) the pilot fired, and 3) a statement issued by the airline within a matter of hours.”

Leave it up to Ted Cruz to say what most of us are thinking.

The Left has gone into a complete meltdown, now facing massive losses in the elections last night; they are turning towards more radicals rather than moving towards the center. This is fine; they will be even more confused when in 2022, they lose control of both the House and the Senate.


We can only hope our elected officials take a chapter out of the Democrat playbook and remove the two incompetent fools from the White House when this happens.

Oh, and for you that want to think a phrase is a crime, all I can say is:

Let’s go Brandon!

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