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School Threatening To Suspend Students for Not Social Distancing Allows Exception for SJW Protesters

School Threatening To Suspend Students for Not Social Distancing Allows Exception for SJW Protesters

Left-wingers continuing to whine about Americans who don’t follow the logically inconsistent lockdown rules brought about by the coronavirus pandemic should take a closer look in the mirror.

Whenever they get the chance to protest against the supposed systemic racism in policing, leftist activists throw any and all social distancing guidelines out the window.

Arizona State University students served as a perfect example of this line of thinking during their march against racial injustice on Sunday.

On Aug. 25, ASU President Michael Crow released a statement proclaiming that any students “hosting or attending” social gatherings on or off campus would be subject to suspension.

“Here is the most important thing to remember: COVID-19 is here and will be here for the foreseeable future so everyone needs to take personal responsibility for their actions and behavior,” Crow wrote.

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“We need everyone to follow all public health protocols: wear a mask, practice physical distancing, complete your daily health check, stay home when you are sick, wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face. That is the only way that we will be able to effectively manage COVID-19.”

Despite this, a student group called the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition decided to host a social justice protest in Tempe, according to the Arizona Republic.

Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro, an independent group that parrots the official Black Lives Matter organization’s Marxist talking points, came out in full support of the protest.

“We are upset and disappointed in ASU’s silencing of young black organizers by threatening them with suspension and expulsion for protesting,” the group wrote on Instagram.

“We will march in solidarity with them because Black Students Matter. Bring water and PPE.”

The Republic reported that about 100 to 200 people attended the protest.

According to Republic reporter Audrey Jensen, an ASU spokesperson clarified that students attending protests were exempt from suspension as long as they wore masks and practiced social distancing.

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However, a quick look at the pictures of the protest Jensen posted clearly shows that the young social justice warriors weren’t following social distancing guidelines.

“Good for thee but not for me” should be the left’s official motto.

Over the past few months, left-wingers have talked out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to COVID-19 — on one hand chastising anyone who fails to follow regulations while on the other going out in droves to protest with no apparent fear of spreading the disease.

Radical leftists don’t actually care about social justice or saving lives.

Instead, they’re all about virtue-signaling and playing political games.

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