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Schumer and Pelosi, Why Is A Wall Good For Israel And Not For US?

Schumer and Pelosi, Why Is A Wall Good For Israel And Not For US?

In what is becoming a common byline, the left is now claiming that a wall on our border to secure it is immoral, somehow a violation of human rights, but when the question of Israel comes up, why are they so silent, Israel put up a wall to stop suicide bombers, it dropped to just about nothing, later they put a double fence up on their Sinai border to stop illegal immigration, since then there has been less then 20 cases, so why not outrage against them? 

Now, before some of you start going into a tizzy, think I am attacking Israel, you could not be more wrong, in addition to being Jewish, I also support Israel 100%, what I have a problem with is not that Israel built a wall, but the same people that are OK with them doing it say it is immoral for us to do so. 

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The original idea for the wall came due to the intifada, Israel was dealing with mass terrorism, the Arabs, I will not dignify the Palestinian narrative, if you wish to question this, please read my article ‘Palestinians: What is Fact, What is Fiction‘,  I deal with this claim. The Arabs were sending waves of suicide bombers on buses fully of women and children, at pizza parlors where families were eating and at weddings, Israel needed a way to control this, the best approach, and one that has worked very well was to put up a wall. 

Chuck Schumer, who has been so vocal about the moral wrongness of putting up a fence, for some reason has yet to say one thing in the negative about Israel, and he says it is his holy duty to support Israel, but I ask, “Chuck, if it is your holy duty to support Israel, what type of duty is it to support America? And if it not seen as more important, you after all a leader in our Senate, then why are you in office?” 

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I am a Jew, I love Israel, but my first duty is to the nation I live in. If asked to pick sides between the two, as much as love Israel, I am an American, there would be no debate on the issue, I put on a uniform and made an oath to this nation, did not do so to any other nation, this seems to be something that Chuck doesn’t seem to understand. I have told fellow Jews for years, if your first loyalty is towards Israel, then maybe you should move there, it is after all what you are most loyal to. 

This does not mean I think you can’t be loyal to two nations, but you have to figure where your greatest loyalty lies, then live there, that is where you should be a citizen of. 

What bothers me is not the lack of respect or loyalty to Israel, I love and respect it to, am a loyal to it as a Jew, it is my ancestral homeland, but I am an American, my first loyalty will always be to my nation, if not, then I would move to where my strongest loyalty lays, what I am bothered by is the double standards we see. 

I support Israel putting up a wall, but you know what, even if I didn’t, is it my business to tell them how to secure their nation? Now, if we were funding that wall, then I would have a right to say it shouldn’t be funded if I didn’t agree with their measures, but we don’t, US law prohibits the US from giving any type of aid for domestic programs, such as border security unless specifically voted on, Israel paid for that 100% out of their own funds. 

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But this brings us to the question at hand, is the wall effective? We have seen in Europe where they put up tall fences, or walls, they are effective, that is why some European members are yelling at other nations over the immorality of them not taking in immigrants, some nations can’t afford it, others don’t want to see a drastic change to their demographics. 

Are the walls effective where Europe has them, I would say they are very effective, but they do little good when Europe is not controlling their borders, as we have seen in their problems with terrorism, the terrorist just flee the area and cross borders to another nation. 

But Israel is the best case in point, you have small nation, the size of New Jersey, can’t handle the hundreds of thousands, or millions of immigrants that the Europeans are dealing with, nor should they, it is not their responsibility to take anyone in.

They are already overcrowded, taking in 81,000 illegal immigrants was not what they wanted, not to mention they were not willing to deal with the uptick of crime that followed these illegals, so they put up a fence, since that time there has been a total of 18 illegals that have entered Israel, if that is not a good drop off, and shows the wall or fence works, then facts are not what the left is interested in. 

So to you Schumer I ask, “If you are the holy supporter of Israel, as you say you are, and you think our wall is so immoral, why aren’t you condemning Israel?” We both know the reason, you have no interests in the morality, you only care about getting in illegals who will give you their votes, votes I may add that if given are illegal. 

I would tell Trump to shut down the government if needed, but make it known every day, that it is due to the Democrats refusing to fund the wall, go on Twitter, give interviews, say it every chance you get. As people start to see problems come from this shutdown, and it is due to the left refusing to secure our border, they will start to see their support erode, they will give the funding, make them blink first.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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