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Schumer & Pelosi, When Are You Going To Stop This Antisemitic Theatre?

Schumer & Pelosi, When Are You Going To Stop This Antisemitic Theatre?

I watched Ilhan and Rashida at the podium yesterday, Ilhan trying to act properly angered, Rashida shedding crocodile tears, trying to present a case to the American people against Israel, yet all I heard from our two leaders in the Congress and Senate was nothing.

We hear from Pelosi and Schumer of their great love for Israel, they both spoke of this in glowing terms in the last AIPAC gathering, yet you have Ilhan and Rashida attacking Israel with impunity, and these two are too scared to open their mouth.

What is more, the recent events with Israel, if I was a betting man, the whole event would be worth putting money down that all of this was set up and planned by these two women, someone was behind them setting this up to attack America’s relationship with Israel.

I put the blame squarely on Pelosi who did nothing when both started their antisemitic attacks, how they watered down condemnation against these two women, caving in to pressure from AOC and her friends on the left. This has done nothing but encourage these two to take their hatred of Israel to new levels.

So let’s look at this, expose these two and their lies.

We have been told by Ilhan that her and Rashida were going to go to Israel and meet with members of the Knesset, but as the Reagan Battalion showed us, this was a lie, here is their itinuary, there was no meeting with any Israeli official.

We have seen this whole thing is staged, when they were rejected then Rashida asked Israel for permission to see her elderly grandmother, she had figured since Israel banned her from her activist sponsored visit they would equally reject her visit for personal reasons, they called her bluff. This then put her in a bad position; she no longer had a right to scream that they were barring her from a humanitarian visit, so she had to regroup, then announce she was rejecting their permission, claimed that Israel was trying to silence her.

This was then further supported by members of the now fully antisemitic left:

This whole thing was sniffed out by Israel, they then correctly called out the hypocricy coming from Rashida and said they were on to her lies and attempted trap:

Added to this, you have to two women who came out and released a cartoon yesterday, here is the cartoon:

The problem with this cartoon is who created it. It was created by the winner of an Iranian Cartoonist who won Iran’s annual Holocaust denial cartoon creation event. Now let me ask, if the situation was reversed, and it was Republican doing this, would we have the total silence from the left then? We all know the answer to this, they would be in front of the camera’s showing their hurt and indignation, but these two are doing this against the Jews and Israel, so who cares.

The reaction to this was swift, and it should have been:

We see this, yet where is the Democratic leadership as these women continue to more and more aggressive campaign against Israel? I would love to say that this is going to drive the far-leftist Jews out of the Democratic party, sadly that will not be the case, they themselves hate Israel as much as these two do.

What it will do is drive more moderate Jews out, the ones that believed in the Democrat ideology of old, just like it did with Corbin and his party in England, as they moved further and further towards antisemitism many finally woke up.

We have explored the racism of these two in the past, the deep ties Rashida and Ilhan have to terrorist and anti-Israel groups in Rashida Tlaib And Ties To Terrorism, exposed her lies about the holocaust and Arab involvement in Rashida Tlaib – Nothing but Hate & Lies, and then further exposed her and her terrorist ties with Ripping The Facade Away From Rashida Tlaib.

Rashida Tlaib And Ties To Terrorism

We have shown that this deeply un-American woman has nothing in our interest in the heart like Arafat and Abbas have done with the Arabs in Israel, she was raised in Anti-Israeli hatred, promised to not call for BDS, then changed her mind after she got Jews in her area to vote for her.

Ilhan is no better, she like Rashida is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, both are experts at playing the victim, as I saw on FOX yesterday, they and many of the radical Arabs suffer from Holocaust envy, they despise the fact that Jews have this label on them, having suffered the holocaust, so they are intent on showing they have suffered as badly as the Jews have.

In Ilhan Omar, What Was Minnesota Thinking we ripped away her constant playing at being a victim, her open calls for the overthrow of the Trump administration in Now Ilhan Omar Calls To Overthrow Trump! Then looked at her screaming racism at everyone else while attacking Israel with her racist BDS support in Ilhan After Screaming Racism Introduces Bill To Support BDS.

We have seen with both ladies a belief that due to their being black or brown, they are immune from all criticism, their refusal to accept any responsibility for their deeply offensive actions, now we have the left actively working to protect them from their own actions.

Schumer and Pelosi have all fallen short on this, instead of nipping these two at the bud, they have allowed their antisemitism to grow until it has grown out of control. Their fear over being labeled has halted any actions by them, they have given in to these two, and the other two in their squad as they have refused to act and allowed these from the radical left to draw their party further and further into the depths of the deep leftist ideology, along with that all the antisemitic views they hold.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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