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Congressman Hank Johnson Attacks Trump As Hitler, Compares His Supporters To Fascist.

As a Jew I have learned if they don’t come for me first, they will after they come for the Whites and Christians, it is only a matter of time, that is why I stand up against this tyranny, call out people like Congressman Hank Johnson, and his hate-filled speech, the left who is making this routine, it is time we stand up to this, or what we saw in Germany could be merely a small step to what may come next.

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2020 Election Democratic Contenders

The one problem I see with all the Democrats, they dream big, but dreams are just that, dreams, if you can’t find a practical way to implement them, they will never be anything other than dreams. If you push to implement without figuring how to finance it, you will end up with broken dreams, nothing more.

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