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Senate Democrats Go Full Stupid In Barr Hearing

Senate Democrats Go Full Stupid In Barr Hearing

In what was expected, a hearing with Attorney General Barr quickly turned into a sideshow for the Democrats in the Senate, each trying to outdo the other in their attacks against Barr.

While I think some of the criticism was founded, such as Harris’s comments on how he could make a determination of such an important finding without reading the peripheral evidence, I don’t find this as a means to protect Trump, rather Barr found out from Mueller there was nothing to charge with, so he was unable to.

AG Barr could have refused to release the report, he would have been 100% within his right to do this, but the circus showed that no matter what he released, it would never be good enough, and that is the sad point here. Due process is dead, we want a conviction, to hell with the facts, bring on the talking heads, we want our pound of meat. That is what the left is showing us now.

No longer does innocence without a conviction of a criminal matter, we saw this with the Kavanaugh hearings, justice is crying, it realizes that the left has abandoned it in their hatred for all things Trump, thus they have turned full stupid on the world.

Here is the first problem I have with this, Senator Harris was demanding that Barr tell her if Rob Rosenstein was cleared to give judgment to prosecute, he was the Acting AG in this matter, what did she think the AG did? This was nothing but a photo op to try to make it seem she had caught Barr in something. Barr got frustrated, can’t blame him, she was trying to pin him in a corner, he refused to allow that.

I think the worst of the whole debacle was Senator Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, she went off on a rant, calling Barr a liar, yet the report states exactly what he stated, it openly states that there was no collusion, yet hearing sites like CBS News, and Brian Williams, you would swear that there is still findings of collusion. Make no mistake, Senator Hirono is nothing but a hack, should not even be in the Senate, makes me think much less of the people in Hawaii that they could vote for such an inept person. The best part of the whole episode was Graham at least called her out at the end.

What this sadly had turned out to be was a photo op for Senators trying to either raise their opinion in the people that voted for them, or for Presidential hopefuls to have their 60 minutes moment.

Next, we had to deal with Senator Booker claiming that only Trump had any dealings with a foreign power when he brought up that the Clinton camp did as well, this was immediately brushed off, he and the left only wished to speak of the GOP.

After a while, the GOP members finally had enough. First it started off with Cruz:

Then Graham let his ideas of this being known. First, he told Senator Hirono what he thought when she was done with her speech, then told everyone what he thought of this hearing that has now turned into a witch hunt. This is when the truth came out, but the Democrats could care less about the facts.

What we see is not a reach for the truth, the Democrats could care less what the truth is, they want their pound of flesh, they will push until they either get it or the American people tire of this and throw them out. I can only hope we have enough patriots who will finally tire of this openly soft revolution and get rid of the whole bunch.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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