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Sex Strike Over Anti-Abortion Law In Alabama

Sex Strike Over Anti-Abortion Law In Alabama

I wanted to write on this earlier, but other things came up, priorities were higher for what I was writing on then something as silly as this, but here we go. How effective of an idea is this to have a sex-strike over something like another states abortion law?

I have been debating this for the last couple of days, thought if these uber-liberals decide this is what they want, then please keep the laws in place, stupid people should not be allowed to breed, but that was a bit harsh. Then thought, my wife is in hospice, I know what this is like, who cares, been there done that, but that is not what I wanted. Then thought, most couples are like-minded, so who exactly is this hurting? That would be their partner that is like-minded, who cares!

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There was a question I had to ask, I know this woman is an activist, I understand the Washington DC thing, but I had to ask, “She lives in California, how on earth does she think she has a voice for people in another state?” These people voted, it is obvious the people in power ran on this platform, what Alyssa Milano is really saying is she does not respect the will of the people there, their votes don’t matter to her, but then isn’t this the real problem with the whole leftist movement?

I think one of the first things we need to look at is what all this fuss is about, and that is if the sanctity of life should be honored with these little ones at conception, or later in the gestation period, or after they are born. There is more, why should we be so worried about this, how exactly are we and our moral standing effected?

The first thing I need to state is obvious, I am a man, I can walk away from a pregnancy, it is a much more difficult thing for a woman to do this, as a rule, they are the ones that have to bear the child, then raise it, and be a parent to it for the rest of its life. Thus I say with a certain amount of humbleness, I understand my skin in this game, but like it or not, there is a say for men in this, it takes two to create a life, one should not be left out of this decision.

I remember the days when I was a kid, where the number one killer of young women was botched abortions done in dark alleys, I am not sure I want to return to this, but I also hate seeing abortion seen as a form of birth control, that was not the mechanism this was set up for.

Further, we must ask, ‘Why is the concept of abortion so important?” Years ago, in the first book I ever had published, “Conversations With An Angel: The Watchers,” I looked into this, I have always had a love for poetry, in most of the chapters I start off with a poem, but with this one I started with a parable, here it is:

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A Modern Day Parable

A child comes running to her mother and says, “Mommy, I put my hand on the stove and burned it. It hurts, fix it please!” The mother says, “Honey, I told you if you touched the stove it would burn you, I can’t fix it, you will have to deal with the pain, and have a scar because you didn’t listen. Remember, there is always a consequence for your actions”.

A couple of days later the mother comes up to the child and tells her, “Honey, mommy has to go to the hospital to see the doctor.” The child quite concerned asked if she was all right, the mom states, “Yes, she’s ok; it’s just that she has gotten pregnant and doesn’t want to be.” The child asks, “Mom, did you do something to get pregnant?” Of course, the mother answered yes, but it was her right to terminate the pregnancy. To this, the child told her mom, “I can’t wait to become an adult, because then I won’t have to pay for all my actions!”

Copyright 2006, Tim Benton

This is the reality of what abortion is about, woman have a right to their bodies, the question has not been this question, rather, if by their actions they end up with a pregnancy, do they also have a right to the body that resides within her? And as such a life when does this life merit the same protection we give all other human life? That is the big question facing us today.

Looking at laws to correct this, that is not ever going to work, the laws are too conflicted. A woman is pregnant is caught doing drugs, in most states they charge her with either child neglect or child abuse, but say she sits in jail for this, she can get out, in states like New York, get a abortion, even if she is nine months pregnant and in the middle of labor, yet that is not considered abuse. One has to ask if doing drugs is abuse, then why is not killing the child? That sure ranks up higher in the awful scale of abuse.

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I know many of you are going to ask my opinion about this, that comes in two points for me: 1. I look at this from a point of law. 2. I look at this more from a moral question.

  1. The point of law. I think we need to demand that a precedent be established when life is first viable when human rights are afforded to all people. If this is established, and it is at a certain point of fetal development, maybe when they are aware of their surroundings and able to interact to them, then their life should be held under the same protection as a baby after they are born.
  2. The moral question. Abortion for most is not about the right to life, rather it is about the right to be free from consequences. Men for ages have been able to walk away from this, some women wish this right too, but I must ask, is the right to do this morally right? I am not going to get any more into this, but end this with the same question I asked at the end of the book mentioned above:

“How many Washington’s, Edison’s, Bach’s, Einstein’s, and other great men and women would have we never known if this was the norm practice for the past couple of hundred years. How many great men and women have we destroyed in the name of convenience before they have even had a chance to shed their light upon the world?”

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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