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Sexual Assault Cases, Is This Really About Empowering Women?

Sexual Assault Cases, Is This Really About Empowering Women?

We saw on the news last night that Moore had lost the special election in Alabama, all not due to a crime that was committed, sexual assault, rather an accusation of one, and not one that is a recent event. These were not convicted crimes, rather women who were suspect at best-making claims that these happened 35+ years ago, and if this had happened why was it never brought up over how many other elections? But this thing goes much deeper then this, the question that needs to be asked, “Is this and the other cases really about empowering women, to seek justice for a wrong done years ago? Or is this something that is much deeper and more sinister than this?”

I remember when I used to play chess years ago, and I was very good at it, I would line up 15 to 20 people and play them all at once, go from table to table and move the piece than on to the next one. In these games there were many times in order to get a checkmate you would sacrifice your bishop or even your knight to take the king, even your queen was something you were happy to sacrifice to gain the victory. I am beginning to wonder if this is what we are seeing now, a scheme to sacrifice the pawn and other such players to get at the king.

Before I go on, as you all know, I am very much a stickler for labeling news as news, opinion pieces as opinions, to represent one as the other, this is false, sadly it is something we see on daily bases, rumors and theories are presented as facts, half-speeches given, thus lies by omission of part of the speech are presented to the audience. But what we have here is a bunch of facts, paths pointing to something that can’t yet be proven, but as you go above the fray you begin to see a path leading to one place or outcome.

We saw yesterday with the news that Judge Moore’s wife and he was antisemitic, they reported she said, “We have heard that my husband is an antisemite, for you that think we don’t like Jews, I will have you know one of our attorneys is a Jew!”  This is all that was reported that she said, for evidence gave a video link that was over an hour and a half long, hoping that people would not take time out to listen to the video, thus catching them in their lies, given as such, it would be racist, the same way they have whites saying, “I have nothing against blacks, I have a black friend.” What was really said in this speech was, ” We have heard that my husband is an antisemite, for you that think we don’t like Jews, I will have you know one of our attorneys is a Jew, we have Jews and Rabbi’s we count as friends, have had them to our home and fellowshipped together.” The whole statement gives a whole different story then what was presented.


So back to what I believe is the real story. I think that what we have is like in the game of chess, people are being sacrificed to get at the king, that would be Trump. Franken, Moore, and others were just sacrifices for what was seen as a greater goal, their move on the board and sacrifice was seen as worth the ultimate prize, Trump. What I believe we really have is the deep state behind the scene’s pulling strings, setting everything up to get at Trump. And why do I believe this, I will get into that next.

We have seen since the election a fixation by the press and the left on what they see as a stolen election, they seem to feel that anything is justified to fix what they see as a wrongdoing, as such they are willing to go to any length to get rid of Trump. You have celebrities openly say that whatever it took,  it would be worth it if they could get Trump out, this has been spoken of by Joy Behar, we saw this with her excitement over the false news report from CNN that ultimately had their reporter suspended for giving out fake news.

We have seen conspiracy theories peddled as facts, first Trump worked with Wikileaks to somehow throw the elections. When that was not going to fly they smoothly moved on to the next story, that Trump had somehow rigged the election to win, after all, Hillary had more votes then Trump did. That soon also fell apart, anyone with any knowledge of civics knows that popular votes for president only count on the state level, the president is elected not by popular vote, instead is elected by electoral votes, voters that are assigned per state by the outcome of the popular vote. This was done to prevent states with higher populations from controlling the elections, all states have a say in the elections.

It was after this failure that the special prosecutor was assigned, but we now are seeing huge problems with Mueller’s team, the fact that he has on his team activist within the DNC, supporters that worked for Clinton, another whose wife worked for Fusion GPS, another was let go for his anti-Trump tweets. I believe the DNC is seeing this investigation is both losing credibility and the simple truth is after all this time they were able to present charges none related to what they were first brought in for, so now the powers to be are frantically moving on the next step in their move to remove Trump.

When the sexual allegations first happened I remember telling my wife that this could very well spiral out of control, people are forced out of jobs for something not even done while they held their position, convictions did not matter, in today’s world you could get someone to make an accusation, that was all that was needed to sink a career and have a person leave in shame. I wrote on this later, and now am looking at this and I think from the beginning this was never about justice for the women, this was more a long game played with the ultimate goal of sacrificing whatever and whoever was needed to get at Trump.

As I predicted we now hear of senators and congressmen calling for Trump to be investigated, but one has to ask, for what? The Constitution states in Article 2, Section 4:

“The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

You may not like it, but accusations are not a conviction, at no time was our justice department set up to convict without a trial and the right to confront your accusers.

And there is more to this story, but this is just hearsay, and I have to identify it as such. Bill O’Reilly yesterday, whom during all his days of reporting would not put out something undocumented or unreliable, says he has in his possession a tape of an anti-Trump operative offering $200,0000 to bring accusations of sexual assault against President Trump, this was of course before he was president or even president-elect. The problem with this is so egregious, if this is the case then you actually have an act of sedition, this needs to be brought to light.

And last, I say to you women doing this: Be careful what you start, remember, the same way you can destroy men’s reputation by hearsay, the same can be done with you. How long do you think it will be some guy being vengeful brings up claims you were making antisemitic, racist antiblack jokes, attacking homosexuals or something. I have always said, if you’re going to throw someone to ravenous wolves, there are times when these very wolves may end up turn on you.

At 0censor we aim to bring news that is news, articles like this are opinions and are labeled as such, the two should never be mixed unless specified. Our readers deserve better then what has been given, we aim to grow in this practice, to give the news that can be separated from opinion, and where opinions are given from both sides of the Isle. As such our needs are many, we are a very small organization that is growing at a rate that is taking us by surprise, we want to continue on as we are, not to take money in from larger organizations with their own political agenda, as such we count on advertising and you the reader to aid in our ability to continue. We ask this holiday season you remember us in your giving.

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