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Shake Up In The Pentagon

Shake Up In The Pentagon

We have already heard, Mattis is stepping down, the press claims the
Pentagon is in revolt, but are they? What you have is a difference of opinion of where this nation should be headed, but whose job is it to set that direction?

As we know, General Mattis was a soldiers soldier, was great at his job, but due to disagreement with military policy he has decided to step down, is doing so in a very quick manner. There is a change for leadership in the
Pentagon coming.

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The disagreement comes over Trumps stated intent on not just pulling out of Syria, but also to start to draw down troops in Afghanistan, a place we have been fighting for the last 18 years to little success.

Trump made it known when he was running for office that no longer would the US be involved in nation building in the Middle East, we would come in, defeat the enemy, then pull out. The military, thus the leadership in the
Pentagon would be put on notice, we will fight to win, then we will pull out.

What is not amazing is the same press that attacked Bush for doing this in the gulf wars, screamed that we were placing our boys in harms way, now that Trump is trying to extract them from such a environment, the same press is condemning and screaming that Trump is doing this.

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If this shows nothing else, it shows the of patriotism the liberal press has towards our nation and our boys in uniform, they would gladly sacrifice them all, only if their sacrifice would allow them to get rid of Trump.

The sad thing is, this has been the view of the Democrats going back to Carter, the military is a object to be held at arms length, never to be trusted, a necessary evil, one that should be happy to sacrifice itself for political goals. In the eyes of the left, this is all the military is good for, to be happy sacrificial lambs for the sake of liberal ideology being forced on unwilling recipients.

So why the support of what Trump is doing? I must be frank here, and this may offend some politically correct sensibilities, but here it goes.

I have a problem with fighting, sacrificing our treasure, men, along with machines fighting for a people who in the end will hate us regardless because we are not willing to submit to their faith. What many don’t realize is that these people look to us a desirable to be used, but once they get what they want, they want us out, if we don’t, it is just a matter of a short time when their reaction to us goes from admiration to hate.

Does this mean that all are this way? Of course not, but in the same way as the Fascist under Germany were not all mass murdering homicidal murderers, neither are these Muslims in Muslim majority nations. The problem is they are saying and doing nothing about the ones that are, they have lost their voice, thus are unable to stand up in opposition to the ones that are this way.

I heard one say a long time ago, her name was Bridgette Gabriel, she was asked how one can accuse all Muslims of being bad or evil, when out of 1.5 billion, they for sure aren’t, in fact out of 1.2 billion, 75% of them wish to live peacefully, but 25% support either violence, or forcing Islam on the rest of the world. While we can’t blame the 75%, until they rise up and stop the 25%, they will be the ones suffering from the response.

This is where the problem comes in, while the majority in these nations aren’t rising up to kill our soldiers, very few of them are fighting against the ones that are. They are harboring them, aiding and helping them escape, all while claiming their hands are clean.

The ones that do aid, they are in danger for their lives, they are hated by all, it is seen as a very bad thing to stand against Muslims over anyone of another faith, does not matter if they are terrorist, we are never going to maintain a peace.

And that brings up the last point. We as Americans have laws that are told that have to be followed when we are in a military occupation, but these laws, while I agree with them, are seen by Muslims as a sign of weakness. That is why none of our nation building will ever succeed, you need a people to admire and want what you have, not despise you and see what you have as a weakness.

This is why what we have done in Europe in the first two world wars, rebuilding the nations and setting up land very much in tune with what we saw as a necessity for freedom. The people admired this and found it desirable, it is what set up the great divide and the conflict with the East, eventually lead to the downfall of the Soviet Empire. The people found freedom as a greater draw then strength and order.

Sadly this is not what you have in Arab lands, it is very much the reason that democracy as we know it simply does not work. You look even in none Arabic Muslim lands, such a Turkey, they have shown a desire for strong central hand, handing over power to tyrants, the likes of what we now see ruling Turkey.

We in the West will never resort to the level of violence and lack of human rights that are needed to rule over these lands, since we will never change, trying to rule over them will never succeed.

This is why Trump is 100% correct, and why he once more is in conflict with the status que that has been in place for the last 100 years in the nation. This is why he is correct in calling out nations that have rich resources, yet they demand the right to invest in their social programs at our expense. They demand the right to do this while demanding we spend our resources to protect them, this all needs to stop, we are here to work togather, not be care givers.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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