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SHOW NOTES: Democrat SCUM Dox to Silence New Proof of Michigan Fraud

SHOW NOTES: Democrat SCUM Dox to Silence New Proof of Michigan Fraud

Below are the show notes with sources for today’s episode of Good Morning Mug Club!

Steven reviews the threats against Republicans in Wayne County, Michigan, and then gives a comprehensive look at voting irregularities and fraud in Nevada and Pennsylvania. He then examines the latest news on new COVID vaccines and Biden’s record of being against everything that made Operation Warp Speed possible.


  • This week the Clark County Commission threw out a local election because there were too many “discrepancies” to ensure the election results. There were 153,000 votes in this election. SOURCE: NYP
  • Dominion Voting Systems is used in 16 out of 17 jurisdictions in Nevada with a history of glitches in previous elections. SOURCES: RGJ,
  • A whistleblower with the Clark County Elections Department claimed poll workers fabricated proof of residence data for illegal voters. SOURCE: Affidavit
  • Another witness saw a Biden-Harris van unloading ballots that were then filled out and then sealed in envelopes. People formed a human shield to prevent poll watchers from observing. SOURCE: WaTimes
  • In Nevada, the GOP says they have found over 3,000 specific instances of ballots that appear to be miscast.
    • Up to 10,000 ballots allegedly cast by people who don’t appear to live in the state or are dead people. SOURCES: NEWS,3LVNewsweek
    • They’ve referred these votes to AG Barr. SOURCE: TheHill

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  • Poll watchers in Philadelphia were ordered to stand 20 feet away until they got a court order. SOURCE: CBS
    • The media fact-checked this, saying it was “an honest mistake.” SOURCE: USAToday
    • “A spokesperson for the Philadelphia City Commissioners’ office stated the act was “an honest mistake.” Kevin Feely said during a phone call with BuzzFeed News that the man had a different ward than what was written on his certificate. An older version of the law pertaining to poll watchers maintained such individuals must be assigned to specific wards, which was why the poll worker mistakenly turned the man away.”
  • Mail-in ballots were accepted at a rate of 30x that of 2016 in PA. SOURCE: JustTheNews
  • The PA court legislated from the bench in accepting mail-in ballots 3 days after election day with no postmark. SOURCE: PACourts
  • The Trump campaign claimed the different standards for voting in person vs. by mail were unconstitutional. SOURCE: Trump Campaign Release
    • In-person voters were required to vote in a controlled environment, before election day
    • have matching signatures
    • but the 2.65 million mail-in votes had none of these safeguards.
  • BEWARE OF FAKE NEWS FACT-CHECKS: Early in the week there were widespread press reports that the Trump campaign gave up on discarding mail-in ballots, but the campaign says it still wants all mail-in ballots in Allegheny County and other counties tossed, about 700,000 in total. SOURCE: CBSLocal
  • According to the state’s public data:
    • People over 120 years voted,
    • People requested, received, and returned mail-in ballots all on the same day, and
    • Other ballots were returned before they were requested. SOURCE: Federalist

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  • Pfizer announced final analysis showing its vaccine is 95% effective and they’ll seek FDA emergency use within days. A second vaccine from Moderna is 94.5% effective. SOURCES: AP, CNN
  • After the vaccine announcement, the Dow closed at a record high, erasing the last of its pandemic losses. SOURCE: AP
  • Trump’s Operation Warp Speed and other actions are basically deregulation, cutting red tape and incentivizing the private sector. SOURCES: TownHall, NPR, DenverPost
  • In contrast, Biden has a long-standing history of demonizing ALL of those actions, and is already pledging to enact more regulations once in office. SOURCE: APNews
  • Operation Warp Speed pledged ahead of time to purchase doses, giving companies an incentive to get there first. SOURCE: NYT
  • This is the opposite of Biden’s Cancer Moonshot program: he thought it was bad that companies were competing on similar projects and just wanted them to all share info and work together. SOURCES: Atlantic, MedCityNews
    • Great in theory, doesn’t get results.
    • In fact, certain provisions of Biden’s program removed competition so severely they caused drug prices to soar, and even WaPo labeled the project a failure. SOURCE: WaPo

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