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SIX More Trucker Convoys Plan On Merging With ‘The People’s Convoy’ Combining To Over 10,000 Vehicles

SIX More Trucker Convoys Plan On Merging With ‘The People’s Convoy’ Combining To Over 10,000 Vehicles

The American truckers are gearing up for a massive protest in Washington DC in opposition to tyrannical COVID mandates.

Like the truckers in Ottawa, the US Convoy plans to disrupt traffic in DC over the coming days and weeks, beginning around the time of Joe Biden’s upcoming State of the Union Address scheduled for Tuesday, March 1st.

Thousands of protesters are expected to arrive for the demonstration, with several groups daily departing from across the country.


One of the largest groups – The Peoples Convoy – is rapidly growing as it finishes day six of eleven its cross-country journey to the DC swamp. On Monday morning, the convoy had grown to around 3,000 vehicles as it reached the state of Missouri, which is about double what it was just two days ago when the convoy passed through Texas.

Like the other states on this journey, the truckers were greeted with a warm welcome in Missouri, with countless supporters showing up at several overpasses to demonstrate their support.

Watch, from El American:

After picking up several more additions throughout the day, the convoy made camp for the night in Cuba, Missouri. Once again, a crowd was waiting to greet them when they arrived, bringing another round of donations, food, drinks, and supplies with them to be used in the upcoming protest.

The support that Americans have shown for the convoy has been overwhelming everywhere they have gone.

Tomorrow, the people’s convoy will depart Missouri and go to Indianapolis. Several other vehicles are expected to merge with the convoy as it enters the last leg of its journey to Washington DC. Conv y Organizers who spoke with El American explained that they have been speaking with at least SIX other convoys planning to meet up with the main group on Wednesday.

When the groups merge, the convoy will be over 10,000 vehicles strong.


If this keeps up like this, Biden and the DC Swamp won’t know what hit them – the convoy is already 3,000 strong, and that’s without the reinforcements from the other groups who are planning to join. This protest is gearing up to be something truly historic.

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Notes from the Editor

With this caravan only looking to get much larger, we see our Democrat leaders panicking, openly calling these people terrorists, and throwing up a fence once more around Washington DC. Much of this started when rumblings of this happening in the US; Biden let it be known that he supported Canada crushing the freedom convoy in their nation.


On Twitter, I have followed the remarks against this movement; Democrats are yelling that restrictions have started to come down, so why should we protest? The anger and confusion were hardly surprising when I told them that this was not about Covid, sure not over social distancing; this was about an unconstitutional power grab by the government, where they have censored speech, cut off the movement, then bunkered themselves away from the people, rather than answering to them.

Many Americans have lived in fear for the last two years; some still hide in their homes, happy to give away their freedoms for temporary freedom. In the words of one of our founding fathers, we answer:

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Benjamen Franklin

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