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Smash and Grab Mobs Now Escalate Crimes To Murder

Smash and Grab Mobs Now Escalate Crimes To Murder

We tend to think of Black Friday as the day that we can pick up some good deals at the stores.

But instead, we’ve been seeing people thinking they could get more than a good deal — a five-finger discount, in fact. It’s happening at expensive stores in Democratic cities, particularly in California when they know that because of leftist prosecutors there, they will likely not suffer any real consequences even if they are caught in the act. This is all courtesy of the Democratic policy of being lenient on crime.


When even CNN is recognizing this as a problem in cities like San Francisco and Chicago, then you know Democrats can’t hide the hard reality of what their policies are causing.

As the police noted in the above video, one group that hit a Nordstrom store in Canoga Park didn’t stop just stealing the high-end purses; they also attacked the security guard who tried to stop them, spraying him with bear spray. Some of these robbery groups are probably random groups of kids, but gangs and organized crime can also use kids to do this — knowing that there’s very little likelihood of any real punishment as a result.

This is what we’re now getting with Democrats in charge — anarchy, and chaos. A smash-and-grab group even ransacked a Home Depot in Los Angeles. What did they steal? Sledgehammers and crowbars, so they could go hit more stores. Unfortunately, it goes beyond just losing all sense of law and order and frightening people — now people are getting killed, as well.

Kevin Nishita, a former police officer working as a security guard, was killed by a group that pulled up on the KRON news crew to rob them in the Bay Area.

From San Francisco CBS Local:

Nishita was working as a security guard for a KRON television news crew at the time reporting on a recent smash-and-grab robbery at the clothing store Prime 356 that happened Monday night. [….]

They said an armed robbery crew pulled up on the television crew and ordered the news crew and their guard to get on the ground. According to witnesses, moments later, shots were fired and the guard was hit.

Authorities said the guard was hit in the stomach by the bullet. No other injuries were reported before the shooters fled the scene.

When you allow chaos, this is where it can lead, and now we’ve lost someone who spent his life helping other people.

While CNN is reporting on the smash and grabs, they had one analyst who said that we don’t know why this is happening, right after he also noted “some DAs that have flat-out said they’re no longer going to prosecute shoplifting.” Do you think that there might not be a relation there?

We also reported on the response from Mayor London Breed in San Francisco — trying to limit traffic and parking. I’m sure that will do the trick. Not. And what were some of the media concerned about? Whether it was proper to call it “looting” and whether that might somehow be racist if you did so.

Here’s a radical thought. Radical for California, which means it’s sane. How about upping the penalty for theft rather than reducing it? And how about electing people who aren’t radical leftists who want to open the doors and let all the criminals out? Then, amazingly, you’ll find these incidents drop magically. It’s not magic, though — just common sense.

Cross-posed from Red State

Notes from the Editor

As we have seen with the Rittenhouse case, when police are forced to stand down by liberal politicians, soon citizens are given little choice but to take the law into their own hands. I am no fan of vigilanteism, but when the police can’t protect you, you have no choice but to do it yourself.


The problem is with liberal-controlled cities, instead of protecting businesses, they blame them for setting up an environment where people feel a need to steal, then protect the criminals while they are doing it. Businesses are starting to flee from Democrat-controlled cities, the ones that don’t, they stick their heads in the sand and act like mass homelessness, riots, looting, killings, drugs openly done on the streets with the crimes that follow is just part of living in a city.

The worst part of this is that Democrats are fleeing the cities, cities created by the people they voted into office, they then move to conservative areas and start making demands that their liberal policies follow, soon the area they moved to is a sh!t hole like the one they left, they then flee and start the whole process all over again.

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