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Sparks Go Flying as Fed-Up Driver Plows Through Antifa’s Makeshift Roadblock

Sparks Go Flying as Fed-Up Driver Plows Through Antifa’s Makeshift Roadblock

Sparks flew — literally — in Portland, Oregon, this week as one driver refused to let protesters tell him where he could go.

The incident took place in North Portland at about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday, according to KATU-TV.

Protesters were trying to block a street using fences and anything else that could stop traffic.

he driver of the pickup truck was confronted by a protester who had put his motorcycle on the pavement to form an impromptu barrier.

This had no effect on the truck, which dragged the motorcycle along as it crashed through a fence.

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Journalist Hannah Ray Lambert was nearby and filmed the incident, which she posted on Twitter.

“Pickup sped through crowd and rammed through the fence, sparks flying,” she wrote.

The incident led to reports that the driver “stopped a block away, got out with a rifle, and ran into a house, prompting rumors among the crowd – now on edge – that the person would return,” according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

KATU reported that police said the driver “spoke to officers and cooperated and was released without charges.”

That night, protesters tried to access the Portland Police Association office and threw objects at officers, eventually breaking into the building and setting a fire.

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The night was also marked by two separate incidents of shots being fired in the crowd of protesters.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who has largely supported the protests, changed his tune Thursday.

“You are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder,”  Wheeler said, according to KATU.

Wheeler said the city anticipated more “attacks on public buildings.”

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