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Pelosi Tried To Pull Off A Coup Last Week With the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Should She Be Arrested Or Impeached?

Pelosi Tried To Pull Off A Coup Last Week With the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Should She Be Arrested Or Impeached?

Since the protest over the fraud seen in the election, the left has been nonstop accusing President Trump of Fomenting an Insurrection, blaming him for the violence, even though he called for peace, never told people to break into the capital.

Yet there was a real coup going on, one by the Democrats and the left to try to seize power before Trump’s term was even finished?

One has to wonder, why the sudden push for this? Why is Pelosi so desperate? Could it have something to do with her missing lap-top? Is she frantic to remove Trump before he and others can act on what is in it? Or maybe is it ties that were not supposed to be exposed was exposed early overseas?


In the end, Pelosi used the Protests, with the few that broke into the Capital as an excuse to try to go around Trump, but one has to question, was this break in all that it is claimed it was?

The capital is set up with some of the best security in the world, there are snipers, police, plus a quick reaction force, yet no one was called up; within seconds or a minute or two, people broke into the capital, the leadership was whisked away, something that would not have been easily done if this had taken them by surprise.

But there is more to this story. We have video of the police opening the gates and the doors, letting protestors into the building. We have other videos showing them walking orderly between the ropes to where they were going. If you look at the senate chambers, only a few people there, those idiots posed for photos, now are being rounded up by the FBI. They were not the smartest bunch in town.

To enhance the story that this was a mass break-in, the photos being posted are tight pictures, where a tiny field is shown. They did the same thing with the Biden rallies, but look at the photos, you will never see more than 30 people inside the capital building, and in the photos, you see the same people in all the photos, yet we are told that all the 500,000+ people that were protesting were part of this, that is a lie.

What is worse, the GOP has coward in this assault; rather than standing up and pointing this out, allies for Trump are fleeing for the woods, others are yelling for Trump to step down. When BLM assaulted the capital building, tore down statues, I remember did the same with the White House. Harris, Pelosi, and others were there to encourage them to do this, yet no one ever accused them of instigating this, and they did.


We are told this is the first time the Capital has been breached since the war of 1812. That is pure nonsense; there was no assault on the capital, only protests. The few that did break-in, they were a combination of people claiming to support Trump but acted in a way contrary to what all the rest of us stand for. Others were not, but masquerading as Trump followers.

Yet this, in what is now looking very much like it was orchestrated, is used as an excuse by the Democrats, with Pelosi leading them, to start a coup against Trump.

Last week she met with the Joint Chief of Staff, tried to get him and the military to curtail the authority Trump had over them, thankfully they were having none of this. This is a coup; she was trying to strip power from the president outside the constitutional way: sedition. She should be arrested and tried for this.

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