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Super Tuesday A Win/Win For The GOP

Super Tuesday A Win/Win For The GOP

Super Tuesday is upon us, the victor today will find himself/herself as a clear frontrunner for Democratic nominee for president, but it is the GOP and Trump that wins, the choices are so terrible that any victory for either Biden or Sanders gives Trump a clear path to victory.

Democrats are on the verge of a lose-lose situation. And, it’s one that they are bringing on themselves. Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is both the front runner and the focal point for what is likely to transpire.

With the Democrats in a current crisis, at the point of conflict between their traditional mainstream Democrats and the new activist progressive left, whoever wins is going to set the collision course in motion for the nomination from the DNC. Super Tuesday could peel the scab off the wound and leave this an open sore for all to see.

On March 3, also known as “Super Tuesday,” voters in 14 states and one U.S. territory will elect their choice for the Democratic Party’s nominee.

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Today over one-third of the delegates for the Democratic Convention will be put in motion. Still, one has to ask, is there a single person out there that thinks Bernie will be solidly in place as the victor after the votes are tallied, and Super Tuesday is over?

No one can deny that Biden won an impressive victory in South Carolina last Saturday, but left up in the air is if Biden can build on this momentum and carry him through to a victory. One has to wonder, can anyone believe that either will come out the clear winner after today?

The most significant obstacle for a Bernie win is shown in a New York Times piece that reports that interviews with dozens of Democratic officials, including their special or automatic delegates, they used to be known as superdelegates, they are in strong opposition to handing Sanders the nomination in any scenario. This could split the Democratic party right down the middle if they move to strip the appointment from Sanders again.

The problem comes from the most activist, and least-willing to compromise, the far-left in the DNC, there is little doubt towards the support they give to Sanders, one has to wonder how they will respond going forward. If Super Tuesday does not give them a clear path to victory, are they going to be willing to compromise in any way?

They have been very open in their feelings of loathing for how insiders operated in 2016 when the DNC did all they could do to block Sanders and give the nomination to Clinton. Still, it has to be admitted that at this point, Clinton did receive more primary votes then Sanders had.

Remember, these are the same Democrats who have in the past and now continue to declare their desire to do away with the electoral college, how do you think they are going to react if something like this happens in the Democratic Convention?

The convention could explode if Bernie does not have enough delegates to win outright, and the second round of voting then falls to the old superdelegates, now called Special Delegates cast their votes for someone other then Bernie?

If this happens, then the Democratic Nominee will not be the one with the most delegates, it will be the choice of the elites within the DNC, the very ones that have been desperately casting about for anyone other then Sanders. We could see that the voters mean little, the nomination will then be put forward by the leaders, not the people.

If such a case is realized, you could see many of the Bernie supporters start to demand a breakaway, to have Sanders run as an independent, even if he refuses, it will split the party, many of the voters will be so disenfranchised they will stay home rather then vote for a candidate they would feel has stolen the nomination.

Either way you look at it, without a clear cut victory for Sanders on this Super Tuesday, the activist within the DNC will become increasingly hostile towards the leadership, this will then turn and give the GOP a victory, ensuring Trump an easy win come November.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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