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Supply Chain Failures, Roe v Wade Rumored To Be Overturned, The Press Ignores Failures, Focuses On Covid

Supply Chain Failures, Roe v Wade Rumored To Be Overturned, The Press Ignores Failures, Focuses On Covid

American families with young children are finding out that we face a supply shortage of formula, thus affecting the youngest, yet the news ignores this; Covid is much more important to cover. Meanwhile, the talking heads on the View are attacking the leaked memo from the Supreme Court, telling women it is time to use a sex strike to force the Supreme Court to rethink their decision, showing their total lack of understanding of how the court works. But worse, something that has the Left in a panic, the lack of enthusiasm, is threatening to keep most of their voters home come election time this fall.

TRENDING: With Leak Over Roe v Wade, Warren Demands Constitution Be Ratified, AOC Demands Nuke Action Or Primary Out Members.

During the Christmas holiday last year, American families with babies found baby formula shelves empty, setting off concern for families with infants. As time has gone on, CVS, Walgreens, and even Walmart are now putting in place quotas for how much formula a family can buy; parents with children who are sensitive to most formulas are finding it almost impossible to find brands that their baby can take. Adding to this problem, several brands have been recalled due to problems with their product, thus adding to this crisis and pushing it into a national problem.

It should hardly come as a surprise that MSN, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, or the Washington Post don’t wish to speak on this; they are far too concerned over how to rid this world of babies before they need formula.

Supporters of Abortion are horrified that the mass riots and protests they thought would appear over the leak from the Majority in SCOTUS have failed to materialize. More so, their comments about men not having a right to comment on abortion are backfiring in a very funny way; case in point:

This tweet shows the hypocrisy of the Left. They tell us that women have to be listened to, the #MeToo told us to question a woman’s word was misogyny on full display, but now we are told that men are women, women no longer give birth, that is the realm of birthing people. Men are now competing in women’s sports because they say they feel like a woman. Thus, Donald Trump Jr. correctly raised, “If men can get pregnant, should they be able to comment on abortion as well?”

This brings the absolute lack of logic in this LGBTQ issue into full view; it also touches on the demand that men have no say. If you can’t define who a man or woman is, how can you demand that one or the other have no right to a view or openly comment? This whole thing is as silly as saying one does not have a right to comment on animal abuse because you aren’t an animal; you have no right to voice your disapproval of this.

In the end, I think we Americans are tired of these protests. We have for two years watched lives destroyed by the #MeToo crowd after accusations were made that had little or no basis in fact. BLM protests, many communities aren’t putting up with this excuse to destroy and riot; if they try it, they do so at their own risk. On the other hand, in Canada, the Trucker Convoy pushed the nation until the Government, with aid from social networks and funding platforms, killed their press and funding; they fizzled out. People are burned out on this; we are rapidly approaching the point where people could care less. They are more concerned about inflation taking food from their home and seeing their savings and pocketbook shrink.

As with all things, when you abuse a form of protest, people will become desensitized to it; this is what is happening in America now. We have seen these protests for years, but most people tune them out. We no longer care, there are far more important things around us, so we tune out the implied injustices these people are protesting.

Yet, despite all of this going on, is the press focusing on this? Of course not; they are still screaming about Trump from the mountain tops and spewing fear over COVID, even though while this has and still is an issue, the deaths from it are plummeting, hospitalizations are down, yet the press would have you think we are back to where we were two years ago. Not only is America no longer willing to shut into our homes, as is seen all over the world, no one else is either.

We are Americans; we have always known where there are rewards, there are risks. People went to the West Coast on the wagon trails not because it was risk-free, they went knowing of the risks but felt the rewards were worth the risks. We saw millions of Americans head to Gold rushes, not because it was without risks. Rather the risks were seen as worth the risk in the pursuit of rewards. We went to the moon because we saw the risks were worth the reward, but now we hide like sheep, worried about the risks, so we hide in the basement. The same people who once thought the moon landings were glorious, the rewards were worthy of the risks, are now hiding behind their doors in fear.


The few are no longer controlling the narrative; Americans are now speaking to each other in stores, at gas stations, growing in size as they talk in churches, restaurants, bars, and social events. The press and social media try to silence this movement, but both can be damned; our voices will be heard. If they aren’t willing to share, we will find others that will. We are giving notice to the Left, the progressives that hate this nation and what we stand for, “You have had your time, you made things much worse, now we, the silent majority, are stepping forward, we are taking back what you never deserved to hold in the first place, the voice of the public!”

The best part? We don’t need to riot, attack others who don’t feel as we do, we don’t feel a need to steal or burn down stores. We can do this peacefully until the opposition tries to respond to us with force. They have pulled on the tiger’s tail while he was sleeping; now that he is awake, one does this at great peril.

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