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Supreme Court Hears California’s Bill Forcing Pro-Life Groups To Pass Out Abortion Material or Face Closure

Supreme Court Hears California’s Bill Forcing Pro-Life Groups To Pass Out Abortion Material or Face Closure

Due to a rather unjust law by California the US Supreme Court today will be taking up hearings on a California law that has been shown to infringe on the religious beliefs of charity groups that work within the pro-life circuits.

In another typical move from California, where they think the needs and political bias of the state should rule over the constitutional rights of the individual, they put in place a law called Freedom Accountability Comprehensive Care and Transparency Act which gave the state the right to go to any pro-life group there was functioning in the state and not only force them to hand out pamphlets explaining that abortions were free, but they had to sit down and explain to this to each person that came in to visit them. Now even if you are pro-choice, this should still cause angst, a statement saying they have a right to force a group with closely held religious beliefs,  they should be forced to violate those beliefs to satisfy the demands of the state, one has to ask, where will this stop?

The law, while it looks innocent, it is anything but that, it was put in place to replace the Reproductive Privacy Act, this gave the right of the individual to have a abortion and not have that fact released, that was fine it is the law after all, but Planned Parenthood, who had lobbyist behind the drafting of this bill, were demanding more, they wanted the right to have their material even in places that were acting to prevent the abortion services they were offering. The state all too happy to back up what the left considers a SACRED RITE of the left determined that they would push the right of abortion down the throats of religious groups that found this abhorrent, a sin by the teachings of their own doctrines, basically it was aimed squarely at the Catholic church and their pro-life charities, we saw the state moving to try to show that their dogma’s superseded the ones of what people felt was given from the Highest. (And please, don’t mistake this as a pro-catholic piece, I am Jewish, I am pro-Constitution, that gives us the clear right to practice our faith with no interference by the state.)

In two ways we can be thankful, first that Clinton did not win the election, if she had instead of having the courts with a 5/4 split with conservative and constitutionally minded Supreme Court Justices, we could have been facing the same split with the left dominating the courts, this alone gives credence to the importance of the Trump win, for that we can also be thankful.

What the courts will be hearing in their courts is where does the right of the state stop, do they have a right to infringe on the belief of an individual or group of individuals that believe in a faith that teaches other then the what the state demands, that they have to abide by what the state tells them, otherwise they can be facing fines and even be shut down, this is after all what the current bill does.

The problem with this bill comes down to 123472.(b) An unlicensed covered facility shall disseminate to clients on site and in any print and digital advertising materials including Internet Web sites, the following notice in English and in the primary threshold languages for Medi-Cal beneficiaries as determined by the State Department of Health Care Services for the county in which the facility is located.

This states that if they have a facility that is not license, but deals with reproductive rights, such as these pro-life groups, they have to not only put up the material showing the states rights granted to women to have a abortion, they have to as stated in (b) (3): The notice in the advertising material shall be clear and conspicuous. “Clear and conspicuous” means in larger point type than the surrounding text, or in contrasting type, font, or color to the surrounding text of the same size, or set off from the surrounding text of the same size by symbols or other marks that call attention to the language. In other words, all advertising for abortions has to be placed in larger print, in a more prominent place then even their material.

If they fail to do this it states:

123473, (a), which states: Covered facilities that fail to comply with the requirements of this article are liable for a civil penalty of five hundred dollars ($500) for a first offense and one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each subsequent offense…. if they refuse to comply then they can be shut down by the district attorney.

The supreme court has just agreed to take this case where California is trying to force groups with closely held religious beliefs to either face fines or be shut down if they don’t pass out literature and give information that violates the core belief they have that all life is held sacred, even the unborn.

Assembly Bill No. 775




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