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Supreme Court Overrules Holder and Obama In Gerrymandering Cases

Supreme Court Overrules Holder and Obama In Gerrymandering Cases

In the article OBAMA AND HOLDER LEADING FIGHT AGAINST REDISTRICTING, I had discussed how Obama and his old AG were setting up court challenges across the nation to fight what they saw as Gerrymandering, the redrawing of districts by GOP controlled congresses in state houses to bring back congressional districts to what they used to be, many that were rewritten after the Blue Wave that Obama rode in on in 2009.

The lower courts in challenges from the new organization that Obama and Holder put togather, called the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, was put in place and headed by these two to fight what they saw as a challenge to the Democrats, a weakening of their power by realigning districts from what they had changed in 2009 back to what they used to be.

The Democrats in 2009 worked with majorities in state houses to redraw district maps to make area’s with for the most part even splits between voters, to remake them to favor their leftist voters over conservatives. Basically, this was to split up conservative area’s into smaller blocks so they would be put in with larger city area’s that are traditionally more leftist leaning in their votes.

When the GOP started making gains, and when Trump came into power with a large number of seats being lost by the DNC, the GOP turned to this redistricting or Gerrymandering the left had done in 2009 and tried to set the districts back the way they were prior, or in some cases do exactly what the left had done, redraw the districts to favor them.

This caused red flags to be raised by the left, they saw this as an attempt to take away their seats they had created in 2009, the GOP saw it as putting things back the way they were, thus the battle lines were set.

Obama came along with Holder upon leaving office, they set up the National Democratic Redistricting Committee to fight this, and were successful at first, winning in Wisconsin and other states with the lower courts, many times were ruled on by the very judges they had put on the bench while in office.

This then was challenged all the way up to the Supreme Court in an expedited hearing, due to it would affect the elections this fall. The Supreme Court starting with Wisconsin dealt them defeat after defeat, with judges ruling along political leanings, with Justice Gorsuch, now sitting on the court, there was no longer a split in such things, the court ruled with Justice Gorsuch, Justice Alito, Justice Thomas, Justice Kennedy, and Chief Justice Roberts threw out cases ruled by lower courts stopping the redistricting, while Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor,  Kagan ruled to uphold the rulings, they were overruled 5-4 by the GOP appointed justices.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it changes the complexity of state houses, thus stripping away the move by the left to give them more control of state houses, and it also effects federal redistricting. It seems once more Trump just keeps winning, have to say the fact that this was against a challenge by Obama and Holder behind the scenes makes this even that much more satisfactory.

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Trump’s Travel Ban

Today the courts issued their findings, 5-4 in favor of Trump’s travel band, such great news. I will report on this tomorrow, have to say, I am not tired of him winning yet, but we all know who is.

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