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Syria and Iran Threaten US, Pull Out Or Be Driven Out

Syria and Iran Threaten US, Pull Out Or Be Driven Out

We have seen that ISIS, for the most part, has been destroyed, Syria has for the most part taken over control of land in their area of influence, we have 5,000 American troops in country, they are aiding the rebel groups that have no desire to be part of the Syrian nation under Assad, but now Assad and Iran are looking to them and the US and now saying either the US forces leave or they will both attack and drive them out.

This is even more worrisome, Iran has put in a land bridge from them to Hezbollah, we have seen Israel’s response to Iran, Syria, and Russia trying to smuggle advanced weapons to them, they destroy them. What is more, with their new found success if they do turn on the US or worse Israel, or say Hezbollah kick things off by attacking Israel, Iran with forces in Syria may try to attack through the Golan Heights, something that they would find out quickly what Syria found out three times when attacking Israel through the Golan, it is not able to be done, you may move in, but Israel will throw you out. 

So what would happen if Syrian and Iranian forces along with Hezbollah operatives did attack the US forces in Syria?

I would think that unlike Obama, who most likely would have apologized and pulled out the troops, Trump will start a massive airlift of troops and put an end to such an attack in a hurry. 

This would not be about moving in and setting up a government like he vowed not to do when US troops are under direct attack the responsibility of the COC is to protect those troops at all cost. I have little doubt that this administration, unlike the last one, would see to it that this duty is upheld, whatever they needed would be sent. 

The wildcard would be Russia. I personally don’t think they would risk this blowing up from an area conflict to a possible world war, but they would be willing to fight for the bases they have in Syria, If the US could give assurances that they would protect their bases, not challenge them, Putin is anything but stupid, he would not risk losing them by challenging the US.

While I do see Russia as rational, I sure don’t Iran. They now are under massive unrest in their nation, if they could kick off a conflict with the Great Satan, as they are so fond of calling the US could galvanize their people behind the regime and give them a common enemy to fight. If Iran could do such a thing, try to contain such a conflict to the region, I worry that the temptation to prevent their own civil unrest may be too much for them to pass up, that runs a risk of escalating in a hurry, more so if they try to unite the Arabs behind them by attacking Israel as well.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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