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Take Action, Instead Of Talking, Is Needed To Deal With School Shootings

Take Action, Instead Of Talking, Is Needed To Deal With School Shootings

Most of us turning on the news on Friday were instantly shown and explained in rather sordid details that once more there was another school shooting. I can almost set my clock by it nowadays, the predictable response to a school shooting is run like a well-oiled machine. The talk is not getting anything done, so what do we do about this terrible tragedy on our children, how do we stop these continued school shootings?

Each time there is an attack of one of these school shootings you can start the timer, the response is both predictable and well scripted. Once the outrage and shock over the shooting take’s its course, this sadly seems to be diminishing in length as we become jaded towards these terrible things, the outrage and blame on guns soon follow. But the response is very much scripted, the left comes out and attacks the 2nd amendment, the NRA, and any type of assault weapons, matters not to them that none were used. The other side responds with bitter denouncements, claims the other side is trying to take their guns, and then ask, “Could you tell us one member of the NRA that has ever been involved in any of these shootings?”

The outrage and positioning of both sides go on for a time, there may even be a march or rally across the nations, kids put in front of cameras yelling about taking away the rights of everyone to have guns while screaming about their own rights if they are infringed on in any way.

Questions And Outrage over School Shootings

We hear that guns kill, thus they are bad, but do they really kill, has a gun without being in the hand or control of another ever killed anyone?

Many ask, “Did one gun kill anyone? Why is it that we continue to look at everything but what needs to be looked at, the one that is pulling the trigger, and why schools are so often the targets?”

We have seen the kids marched out in front of camera’s, we heard the latest darling of the media, David Hogg jumps in the limelight, yells that officials aren’t doing enough to stop this, but when the same school he goes to says to protect the children they are going to secure entrances and have the kids wear clear backpacks he jumps in front of the TV and rants about his constitutional rights, naturally while in the breath before he was screaming about taking the constitutional rights of others.

David Wind came out and tweeted:

The Misplaced Blame On School Shootings

I am sorry, this  whole thing is as stupid as a person blaming the boxing gloves for punching him, the gloves do nothing, they are tools in the hands of the people using them, the same as a car is, no one blames a car for killing someone when a drunk kills another, no, they blame the drunk, as they should.

So what do we do? Why is it that I walk through an airport, you can see people with guns, metal detectors, full body scanners, and that is to protect us adults, but we want to scream if they spend money to secure our kids or grandkids? What type of nonsense is this?

I know many on the left think taking guns will answer this problem, you have congressmen who say the police should be called up to confiscate automatic weapons, yet there were none used in this latest shooting, nor would banning people under 21 from purchasing guns, this kid took his fathers guns, they weren’t even his. There is also the case of what do you do when you take the guns from the law-abiding citizens, do you think the criminal element is going to hand their guns over willingly? If the police make raids to take them from law abiding citizens you will start up a civil war, against the criminals you will start a war on every street you try this at. They are criminals for a reason, they don’t care about the law, this would be no different.

So what dod we do, taking guns from law-abiding citizens only makes them vulnerable to the unlawful ones. And I must also ask, you have the left screaming about police brutality, they say that police are out of control, so here is a great idea, lets take away any chance of self defense from the law-abiding community and give access to weapons to the ones you say you don’t truth, am I the only one that fails to see the sanity in this? Our weapons were given to us as a right by our forefathers to protect ourselves from the tyranny of the people in government, as Franklin said:



So taking away rights that granted to us under the constitution is not a good thing, and it isn’t, it is very easy to give up a right for your safety, but once you have it is almost impossible to regain these rights once the crises is gone, the government never wishes to give up any control.

So What Do We Do To Stop School Shootings?

So what do we do? We look at the target, the place that continues to be attacked, the schools. We go to Airports, there were a few, and not even that many hijacked planes over the years, in reaction we set up our airports like they were Fort Knox, guards within and outside with guns, secure entrances, metal detectors and full body scans, we do this to protect the adults, but we can do none of this to protect our children, the ones we sacrifice so much to protect at home?

Go to a budget meeting and have the schools ask for money the people with their kids that are out of school, they scream they wish to pay no more taxes, of course these are the same people that screamed when their kids were in school for them to have the best they could, cost was of little issue to them then. Our schools are stuck fighting to buy new books, trying to secure an entrance is near impossible, where would the funds come from.

Then the question comes, how secure would you want to make the entrances, and how much is too much spent to protect our youth? I personally think we need to bring police from every police department, have them go through the schools, make a security check of the schools, if you have to call a professional to do a complete assessment, then figure out how far you wish to carry this, when does the need for security need to be put in place, and if it is, how will this affect our kids ability to learn? This will be the great balancing act.

But before we get too far inside of schools we need to look at what to do to secure them, that would start at the entrances. We need to figure out a way to put in place a double lock into every facility, you come in through the first door, and you can have multiple of these during start of the school day, have the first door be a secure entrance, set up metal detectors, allow a large group in, then lock the outside, open the inside if all is well, if anyone sets the alarm off, set them aside, push them through a more secure entry, allow the others in. Once the kids are inside, and this seems to be a larger problem, the vast majority of the shooters are coming in after this, you have the same thing in place, they come inside, go through metal detectors, they set them off, have an armed guard at each entrance to make sure everything is secure.

I know this will add to school budgets, for a starter, to make the entrances of schools secure, bulletproof glass to block off and deny any and all access to the kids from outside the entrance do not come cheap, but they are able to be done. One has to ask “What price is too much to ask for protecting our children?”

A great place to look at how to do this is Israel. For years they have faced the issue with Terrorist targetting schools and other soft targets due to the ease of access, the mass casualty rates, and the lack of resistance, after a series of massacres Israeli’s had enough, they refitted their schools with armed roving private guards, fences to block off any type of truck bomb, then set up metal detectors and secure entrances, their last line of defense are armed teachers, you want to get at the kids, you have to get through all this first. The result of this is there are no more attacks on schools, they are no longer soft targets, maybe some of this is what we need to do here.

Taking our guns will not stop this, a determined person then can attack with a knife, and it has been done. To solve this terrible blight on this nation, that is taking so many our youth before they have even begun to do something with living their lives, will never be handled by taking something away, it has to be done by making the place that is attacked not such an inviting target, that is able to be done.

While the rhetoric is slung around, the talking points are put up by each side of the debate, we need to do something more than talk, stripping away rights is never the answer, making a site not so easy to target is.

There is a reason nothing has been done, and putting in place corrections in schools to correct this shooting problem,  if this was done, the left could not stand over the bodies of our children and scream in outrage why they should seize our guns. If the Democrats really wanted something done, why don’t they support the need to harden our schools?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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