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Tale Of Two Reactions To What Is Seen As Violation Of Civil Rights.

Tale Of Two Reactions To What Is Seen As Violation Of Civil Rights.

Civil rights, when you hear this you have pictures in your head of only what the press wants us to remember, Martin Luther King courageously marching with protesters to demand the right of all men of color to be equal, many remember the photo’s shown of women marching for the right to vote, but this is not the case anymore, no longer do people march for rights, rather now they more march to have civil laws stripped from them, what has changed?

We have all seen the news, the children paraded out, wearing fascist like armbands, acting like they have a clue what they are talking about when they demand that we are stripped of our second amendment civil rights. The press brings them out, makes comments about their courage, they are an example for all for defying the rights granted to us and demanding they be stripped. Then you have what they see once more as rights being stripped, the right to kill an unwanted child, there is no talk of heroes, only how dare we try to infringe on the rights of a woman’s body, the leftist are once more marching in the streets demanding once more that any stripping of their right to kill the unborn is a travesty of justice.

I find it amazing how flippant the left is over breaking US law, how they preach that they are justified, but notice how outraged they become when someone else does it? What the left is really doing is showing their hypocrisy, they say they have the moral authority to violate whatever law they chose, but if you do it, more so if you do so to one of the laws they hold sacrosanct, then they will howl in protest, raising their voices to the heavens in condemnation of you. 

And this brings us to abortion, also shows the difference of reaction to this law vs. their reaction to civil rights they deem as antiquated. I have always had a problem with Roe vs. Wade, have said for years this is not a right to protect a body, for if you were doing this then why isn’t any protection afforded to the least able to protect themselves, the unborn? This law or right is given to protect the right of an adult after engaging in an act that results in a new life growing within them to have the right to kill this life because it’s an inconvenience to them. 

I know there is much that needs to be fixed in addition to this law, for instance, the adoption law in the US is so messed up that many Americans would instead go overseas and adopt then deal with the trauma this system brings them. There is the talk from the left that the right only cares about the life of the unborn until they are born, they could care less about them, dare I say they may be right? We care about the life, but once it is born we have many from the GOP that fight programs to aid in helping raise this little one, there are laws in SSI if a parent becomes disabled to make it more a hardship for them to get married or remain married, for in doing so they lose income, the government and we the conservatives should be doing everything within our power to not only save that life but to ensure they have a healthy life as they grow up. 

I wrote a book a long time ago, you can still purchase it, it was called Conversations With An Angel: The Watchers, to make this short, it was a guardian angels perspective of humanity after watching over us for thousands of years, while enamoured with humanity they were bewildered how we have used the gifts given to us by the creator to prey on each other, to cause misery on an incredible scale. In the end of the chapter, the angel asks, “How many Einsteins, Edisons, Bach or Beethoven’s have we destroyed before they even had a breath, a chance to take a step into greatness, all in the name of convenience?” I look back at the time when I wrote this and think if we look at the fascist as the evilest empire that existed in the modern age, they went out and killed around 50 million people they thought were unworthy of life, how will future generations look on us who have killed so many? Since Roe vs Wade passed the US has killed over 60 million of the most helpless of humans, the world has killed almost 1.5 trillion babies since 1980’s; I fear how future generations will view us. 

But back to the second amendment, we have no had teachers kicked out of school for daring to ask how the students felt if a mass walkout was done in the name of pro-life beliefs? Or what about supporting the NRA, students have been expelled for daring to have a photo of them with their parents in the shooting range. It seems schools have gotten so far to the left that our constitutional rights matter no longer to them, it’s not like they teach our children civics any longer, most of the kids, if you ask them what our right are under the constitution, they can’t answer, they were never taught. That is why it is so easy to manipulate these children, knowing nothing of their rights, they sure have no problem protesting to have them taken away, they never knew we had them to start with. 

And I could go on, what about the drug laws? And on this I am split, I think rather than spending $29 billion a year with the DEA, the vast majority of this is used to go after marijuana, we would be far better off legalizing, taxing this and pulling in a revenue rather than spending this type of money to interdict it, but it is the law, like it or not, until it is not I can in no way support violating the law concerning this. If we find the law is outdated or antiquated, we do what has been done so many times over the years, we change the laws, we take this off the schedule of prohibited drugs, this whole scheduling with this is nonsense anyway’s, they have listed as more dangerous then heroin. BUT YOU CHANGE THE LAWS, THEN ACT. If we continue to ignore laws we don’t like, then what right do we have to lecture others who do the same to laws they don’t like? 

I end this with as I have done with all things, looking at this from a civil rights issue. You have a right to protest a law that violates your civil rights, even a right to protest it by ignoring it, that is the rights given to us, but the government also has the right to arrest you and put you in jail, that is their right. We change what we see as unjust through protests, votes, and telling our representatives to change things or we will put someone else in their office who will. A wise old king said years ago, “For everything, there is a season!” It is our season now to have ourselves heard, just like our forefathers before us, they raised their voices, protested and created this great nation we live in now, we are the protectors of that legacy, may we never fall short on this sacred duty they left us.



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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