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Tariff: Why Use Them, Are They Helping Or Hurting?

Tariff: Why Use Them, Are They Helping Or Hurting?

Tariffs, are they a good thing for the US, or do they hurt us in the long run? We hear politicians showing support when we started this tariff war with China, but now that it is threatened against Mexico they aren’t so supportive, why is this?

I think part of this has to do with the two reasons are vastly different. China, while they do have a huge human rights issue, they have since Communism took over their nation, it is the unfair practices they engage in that makes this more palatable to us.

There is also the problem with them and intellectual theft, the thought by the Chinese, that if they steal these things, they are entitled to them, and they put in enormous resources to this exact end. There is also the problem with China demanded companies that manufacture in China give away their intellectual property, then turn around, force these companies out and start producing the same goods themselves.

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I dealt with this with “What to do about China’s espionage and Intellectual Theft?” In this I deal with how do we deal with this constant theft, and not only stealing our intellectual property but openly hacking and stealing military secrets, then flaunting it in our face. I said that we should look our national debt they hold, we should look at charging off what the cost of R&D we have invested, then charge it off our debt, let them see there is a price for doing this.

There is also the case to be made of the weakened position the US is placed in by giving up manufacturing and control of such items as rare earth elements and metals, something vital to maintaining our tech sector. We saw how China used this control to threaten Japan, if they did not fall into line, they would cut off their access. We can’t afford this, we used to be the largest nation with extracting and producing these elements and metals, but environmental groups, artificial pricing by the Chinese have run these companies out of business, this is something that needs correction, we need to control this for our national security.

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Mexico, that is a whole different situation, Mexico is not putting tariff’s on American goods, so why enact a tariff on their goods? This has nothing to do with a trade war, it has everything to do with Mexico’s refusal to respect our sovereignty. The president when told that Trump was threatening tariffs replied that sovereign borders are dead, the illegals have every right to try to come illegally to the US. When the US demanded Mexico honor the law of refugees, that they go to the first nation they come to, Mexico refused.

But it goes further then this, Mexico is actively aiding these refugees, aid in transport from their Southern Border to the American border, all while refusing to give sanctuary, but in the next breath demand that we do.

Trump is finally tired of this, frankly, I think most of us Americans are tired of this blatant attack on our national sovereignty. The hypocrisy of Mexico, demanding we do what they refuse, is finally starting to wear thin on most Americans.

I dealt with how to fix the illegal immigration issues we are now facing with “What To Do About Mexico And The Border?“, in this, I explain how we should put up a wall, then answered how to pay for it, and for the maintenance.

The problem is while we can present great idea’s, so long as Congress and the Democrats, who control the House refuse to do anything, there really is not much that can be done, all you can do is force the nations, such as Mexico to either halt their aid with the illegals, force them to seek asylum there, or not allow them past their southern border.

This is why the threat of putting in place a tariff, why Mexico either comply or find shortly where manufacturers will move their facilities back to the US so as not to absorb the added tariffs.

I know these are going to be painful in the short run, but think there is no time like the present to implement these. Further, if we see farmers suffering, use the tariffs to aid them making up for their losses.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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