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Tech Tyranny – Political Correctness Gone Amuck

Tech Tyranny – Political Correctness Gone Amuck

Tech giants are now not only controlling the information you are exposed to; now they too are starting to condition, but make no mistake, control will soon follow on how you are presenting your ideas. step out of line, you could be blocked from access.

While this may not seem like a big idea, the problem with this is more dangerous and subtle then most of us realize. I use Grammarly, but also use Microsoft word when I am working on my books, both aid in my writing, help be to see mistakes that while writing I may not see, but these platforms are changing, and not necessarily for the best.

The whole idea of this is straight out of George Orwell’s, Big Brother, the control by the all-seeing Big Brother that made thoughts that were not correct as illegal, it may seem fictional, but think where the left wants this to go, and make no mistake, they are the ones running these platforms and bringing on the age of Tech Tyranny.

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Yet we are not seeing arrests, rather what we are seeing at this point is conditioning, one that will soon be without giving a thought to. Words that are considered politically incorrect will be autocorrected as you write your documents, it may be more bothersome at first, but soon without a thought, we will be searching for an alternative that is not politically incorrect so as to not have issues as we are putting our words down on paper.

And this goes further then just our words, we see tech, with sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter trying to censor out what they consider as bad speech. People that they consider as the forefront of this they are now deplatforming, shutting down and cutting off access to what today is a very much in touch social world.

This is a huge problem, we are handing away our right of free speech to tech giants that feel they are the gateway to what is acceptable or not, yet not one of us had a say in this, our voices are being shut down increasingly by big tech. We do not see this, but the more we give, the more they take, soon Tech Tyranny will not be some foreign word we are worried about; it will control all aspects of our lives.

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We see the punishment already started. With this trend by many to monetize social network platforms, the easiest way to punish and silence is to demonetize the people, you do this you shut down their ability to work or make money. You will notice there is the token Liberal backed person that this is done with, so as to make the platform seem unbiased, but look at the disparity of the numbers, you quickly see this is not.

I have said before and will repeat it, while speech that is hate-filled is not nice, it isn’t our right to silence, freedom of speech was specifically given to protect speech, not the ones that we are comfortable with, rather the ones that we aren’t. You counter bad speech with speech that exposes what is bad, gives a counter and lets the listeners know what and why it is correct.

You expose hate with love, you expose lies with the truth, you expose prejudice with acceptance, you don’t silence, otherwise, some walk away wondering what it is that you are hiding, you expose with the light of truth, thus you shut down the appeal of wrongful speech.

And remember, and this is a very important thing to keep in mind:

We today see attacks against people that dare speak the truth, if you point out facts, you or the facts are attacked as racist. This is a very subtle but dangerous form of controlling free speech, attacking the facts as racist, the bringer of the facts is then presumed as being racist; if you label you then shut down the right of the person to deliver the truth, if you claim the bringer of facts is a fascist, you then justify your right to attack.

I can think of two examples of this that are very obvious, yet many seem to miss them. One is to ask what biology teaches when dealing with the sexual movement by the LGBT crowd, doing so is considered as phobic, but one has to ask, why is it when dealing with the left, they want to scream about science, yet when it does not support their position they equally scream that it is racist to draw on science?

Why is it when dealing with the left, they want to scream about science, yet when it does not support their position they equally scream that it is racist to draw on science?

We are being pushed to silence; now big tech is jumping into the fight by censoring what we say, how we present our ideas. If you don’t follow, they deplatform you, thus giving them more power then the government has, and this is all by unelected people. It is time for us to take back our rights, have Congress pass laws that define what our right on public platforms is, have the people’s representatives decide this, not mega-wealthy individuals who have no sense of reality.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


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