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Ted Cruz Calls Out Democrats for Leaving ACB Hearing; Durbin Has a Fit but Cruz Smacks Him Down

Ted Cruz Calls Out Democrats for Leaving ACB Hearing; Durbin Has a Fit but Cruz Smacks Him Down

The only other smart person in the room with Amy Coney Barrett is Senator Ted Cruz. On Wednesday, Cruz took it upon himself to dump all over his Democrat colleagues for failing to show up (other than two) to the final day of hearings. At that point, Dick Durbin tried the “but the pandemic” malarkey, to which Cruz pointed out “but the pandemic” didn’t deter senators the past couple of days, so nuts to that theory. You’ll want to enjoy this one with snacks, people. It’s good.

Ted Cruz is right, the last three days of hearings had the Democrats with few questions on Barrett’s record, qualifications, or even her hairstyle. Instead, the Democrats used their time to attack Trump, stump speech, attack Trump, stump speech, worry about Roe v. Wade, attack Trump and make stump speeches.

Don’t try the “but we might get a cough” bull caca with Ted Cruz, y’all. He wasn’t playing.

Much of what I’ve seen with the hearing coverage, Democrats have capitalized on cameras being in the room to stump. Did you see Senator Whitehouse go full conspiratorial with the visual aids? If not, check this out:

Other than stump speeches, Democrats also used their camera time to attack Trump. Oh. Did I already say that? With Democrats, saying things once, twice, three times doesn’t make much of a dent. See also: Trump denouncing white supremacy.

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