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Teen Girl Expelled for Kneeing Boy’s Groin Because He Was in the Girls’ Bathroom

Teen Girl Expelled for Kneeing Boy’s Groin Because He Was in the Girls’ Bathroom

A female high school student has been expelled from her school after she kneed a boy in the groin while he was blocking her from leaving the girl’s bathroom. Along with six other male students, the boy entered the girls’ restroom at North Pole High School in Alaska to protest a selfie that was taken in the boy’s bathroom by a student transitioning from female to male.

The male students intended to do the same in the girl’s bathroom, which the girl occupied. The student was expelled, and the student who identifies as transgender was not connected in any way, but the female student who was blocked from leaving felt threatened, which is why she used self-defense.


Rep. Tammie Wilson, a Republican from the North Pole, criticized the discipline against the student, saying it sent the wrong message to the school and other girls, warning that they could be punished for simply protecting themselves. Which if you put two and two together, she is technically right. The girl was only trying to protect herself the only way she could.

If you ever feel threatened for your safety, whatever force you think you have to give, I will stand behind you. And so will your community. Not for those boys who were where they didn’t belong. Was she supposed not to protect herself? She was where she belonged. They were not.”

After being expelled, the female student wasn’t allowed to go to her prom. The seven boys, who have not been named to protect their privacy, were also disciplined but were allowed to go to the school function. The school’s excuse as to why she was expelled was because the school district believes violence “is not acceptable to resolve conflict and doesn’t advocate violence as a means for a student to attain safety.” The school also stated that if a student does use force, they have to evaluate the incident.

Regarding discrimination, the district stated it has a policy of nondiscrimination concerning gender identity and sexual orientation. School administrators are obligated to provide students access to restroom facilities that correspond to the gender they identify with and that the students ‘consistently assets’ at school. The girl’s family said the student is appealing the school’s disciplinary action against her at a hearing with the district scheduled later this week.


This seriously says something about the school system. Not just this school particularly, but all around. The girl got expelled just for protecting herself, feeling vulnerable and scared, while the boys went home with a pat on their wrist—shame on them. I’m on your side, girl.

I must say, I recall something like this happening with my niece; I ended up getting kicked out of Target. A man/she, whatever, tried to use the bathroom my niece and sister were in. I told him to wait, he started to get upset, so I told him, “Either you wait or go in, and I promise, if you go in before they are out, I will show you a side of that little member you will never see again!”

Needless to say, I got kicked out. Good for this girl.

If someone wants to be the other sex, have at it; if the government wants to fix this, make a gender-neutral bathroom, we don’t want boys in the bathroom with our girls. And no, your make-up and high heels don’t sway me at all.

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