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Tensions With Iran Growing Over Attacks On Tankers

Tensions With Iran Growing Over Attacks On Tankers

After the US pulled out of the nuclear treaty with Iran, tensions between them and the US has grown to a breaking point.

A couple of weeks ago there was a series of attacks on oil tankers that the US and Saudi Arabia blamed on Iran, now there have been two tankers attacked, one was left burning that is being blamed on Iran again.

The US claims to have black and white video of Iranian forces attacking the ship, then coming up to remove limpet mines. If this is the case, then tensions could ratchet up between the two, this being a dangerous escalation of tensions.

Iran is stating that they are being set up, they had nothing to do with the attack on the ships.

Iranian TV showed 23 crew in Iran believed to be from Front Altair on Friday, and said it experts would assess whether they could return to the ship. The crew from Kokuka Courageous were picked up and handed to a U.S. Navy ship on Thursday.

U.S. and European security officials, as well as regional analysts, have cautioned against jumping to conclusions, leaving open the possibility that Iranian proxies, or someone else entirely, might have been responsible for Thursday’s attacks.

Britain said it took the matter “extremely seriously” and, if Iran was involved, “it is a deeply unwise escalation.”

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