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Thank You For Applying

Thank you for applying to 0censor as an Author, we feel that our authors and the viewpoints they present enrich not only our pages but will give alternate viewpoints to our readers as well.

If we decide you and 0censor are a great fit, we will send you a link and pass word to your own author portal, no one other then you and us, the administration will have access to this, you oversee your material, we are not here to try to fix correct or incorrect political thought, we are here to allow the free exchange of ideas, we want to create a civil place where differences can be discussed, not attacked for not having the same view point, hopefully in the process all will benefit from having a new perspective that they understand, even if they don’t agree with it every time.

If we decide to bring you on as a author, you will be given your own author portal with your access code and password, it will unique for only you. Because of our policy of no censorship, only you will have access to this site, you will be able to publish what you would like, others in turn will be able to respond, readers then will be able to view two or three different views of the subject and comment on them. at no time will someone be able to erase your post if they find it offensive, nor will you be able to do this to others.


Again, THANK YOU, from the 0censor staff.