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After Mass Shootings The Blame Game Starts

After Mass Shootings The Blame Game Starts

One hates to see the mass shootings we witnessed yesterday, but one has to wonder, what is accomplished prior to having all the information of blaming other parties? We are so quick to blame guns, politicians, along with other things, but what really brought us to this point?

I would say this started in the 1990s, parents began to babysit their children with video games like Grand Theft Auto where they during their teen years killed millions of people. Now I know it is just a game, but when you have mentally unstable people to start with, many times that gap between reality and none reality gets blurred in a hurry.

Add to this the notoriety and fame that comes from such a shooting, a young person who is a loner, has no friends, yet has visions of being known by all, this for some is a easy route to take, you kill many, you get plastered all over the news thus you get your five minutes of fame.

But there is more, you had rap come on the scene, gang violence, shooting up neighborhoods was seen as a thing of glory, if you had you piece packing on your side, you were the man.

We saw stars that we all listened to, people like The Notorious B.I.G., Big L., Tupac Shakur, Bankroll Fresh, and Mac Dre, just to name a few. They made their fame off of rapping about living in the hood, shooting up their enemies, then met death in the manner they were rapping about. Soon our children saw this as a glorious thing, and we did nothing.

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Further, we took faith out of schools, taught our children, if it feels good, give it a try. Told others, they are not at fault for their actions, here are some pills, blame everyone else, soon we had a whole group of victims, angry ones at that.

Add to this the constant attacks against whites today, people are told they are nothing but bad for society, sad thing is, even the white people are yelling this, now you have a group that feels worthless, blames others for their state, in many times are self-hating, so why not take your anger out on others you deem less then favorable.

In addition to this, we focus on these mass shooters, but where is the focus on Chicago, Philadelphia, and Detroit, all these cities lead the US in murders, each city on a day passes what these mass shooters have done, yet not a peep. Want to know why? The majority of these killings are black on black crime, it is not convenient to the leftist narrative to point it out, if you do, as I have, the shouts of racism will start to poor in.

This idea that you can’t tell the truth, can’t teach morality, blaming others instead of taking responsibility for our own lives is what has brought this about, it is time we start to do something about it.

We need more, the communities like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Detriot need to wake up, they have put Democrats in charge for years, look at their cities. When cops are being thrown water at, disrespected, if they act the people attack the cops, blame them if they dare to respond to shootings, many of these area’s bring this on themselves, the cops are afraid to act least they get blamed for trying to protect the community.

There is a good reason I am not a mayor; I would tell the community, “If you are going to treat our officers like this, I will pull them back, if you have a crime, I will give you the number to a crack house. These are the people you are protecting, see if they put their lives on the line for you.

Ninety-nine percent of this mess is caused by liberals; it was liberals that took prayer out of schools, tossed out the bible, told parents they could no longer discipline their children. It is these same liberals that turn on cops, tell the people perpetrating the violence they are the victim, and the ones trying to stop it, they are the criminals.

Liberals refuse to accept responsibility for anything; they blame anyone that disagrees with them that they are somehow racist. If you say that Muslims are causing violence around the world, and they are, over 99% of all worldwide terrorist attacks are done by Muslims, then you must be a racist. I have to ask, “Do any of them know what Islam is? Are they so prejudiced that they think only Arabs are Muslims?”

We were told under Obama that we could not question what he was doing, if you did you were a racist, like the boy that cried wolf, they screamed this so much, now no one listens. The world lost its stigma, now all that being labeled a racist means is you are not a liberal.

I blame for this, I do blame the shooters, but I blame that we got to this place due to liberal policies, policies that have destroyed this nation, given us a rot from within. The people reacted in 2016 to this filth within by going against what the left wanted, to their horror, we put Trump in charge.

Now we see the desperation rising, they want a nation without morals, without G-d, without faith, where our feelings rule, our right to act any way we wish is without question. You can change who you are, even what you are, if you wish to be a boy, go for it, if you want to be a horse, that is fine as well. They are so caught up in their own fantasies, they have lost sight of reality, now wish to bring this madness to the rest of us.

Welcome to the idea of Progressive Paradise.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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