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The Democrats – From Social Warriors to Goose Stepping Brown Shirts.

The Democrats – From Social Warriors to Goose Stepping Brown Shirts.

Everyone has seen it by now, a bunch of kids, with masks on attacking people they claim, are fascist, they claim they are out to silence their hateful rhetoric, but who are they attacking? But who is acting like the fascist? Listening to the Democrats and the leftist news you would think, these are just peace-loving social warriors, but are they?

To look at this we need to delve back into history, that would be back to Germany after they lost the 1st world war. The people at the time felt desperate looking for scapegoats to blame for their loss, kind of like the Democrats feels now after they have seen their message rejected by state after state as legislative houses have been handed to conservatives, governor houses lost, both the US Senate and the House and now the White House, all they have fought for is in danger of being lost. 

Like in the days of old, the need to find scapegoats is equally huge in both sets of mentality, the Fascist look to the Jews and Communist, the current liberals look to “White Privilege,” and yes, they still blame the Jews, look at their stance towards Israel. What is worse, many times the ones doing the yelling, they are American Jews, no wonder why Israel is washing their hands of them. These idiots would have voted for Hitler if he said he was a liberal, would have sang praises to him in cattle cars as they were taken to camps, after all, they did vote for Obama not once, but twice, still stick up for him after he stabbed Israel in the back again and again. 

This is like the idiocy you hear from the left, they stand up and in self-aggrandizing fashion, in their superior moral voices want to tell us how Israel is an apartheid state, but one has to wonder, do any of them actually know what apartheid is, or did they listen to a professor say so, figured it simply must be? If you look at the facts, there is no apartheid in Israel; I think I will get into that next and dispell that myth. 

What we have today is a group who screams that others are like fascist, yet they are the ones attacking political opponents like the brownshirts of old, all you have to do is go to a Trump rally, and you will see this in action. 

We hear from them how others are like Fascist, yet I don’t see anyone else burning books or baring them for political correctness, yet the liberal Democrats sure seem to. We have seen this with Gone With the Wind, Dr. Suess, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Huckleberry Finn.

For obvious reasons, the media give Banned Books Week lots of attention. The New York Times has run countless features on it, from “Ways to Celebrate Banned Books Week” and “Participate in Banned Books Week with Outspeak” by The Huffington Post, to a 2009 editorial appreciation of the ALA’s Judith Krug, who established Banned Books Week back in the ’80s, “during one of the nation’s periodic censorship epidemics.” On The Huffington Post last week, visitors could read “10 Gorgeous Quotes From Banned Books” and “Every Week is Banned Book Week for Chicanos” and an infographic regarding “Banned Books by the Numbers.” It was the same at CNN, the Los Angeles Times and so on. 

I think the worst part of all, the depositories of our knowledge, the libraries, even their publications to librarians are celebrating this ignorance and dive into madness; you have the American Libraries Magazine putting out “By the Numbers: Banned Book Week.”

But it has gone even further, in Fascist Germany we saw the Fascist party had a partnership with the press, in the end, you could not tell where the press ended and the party press secretary started, it was the same way under Obama, the press was so much in collusion with him it was not funny, never once did they even allow any negative press least it destroy their darling. Further, when Trump came on the scene, the outright ignoring of any type of unbiased reporting went out the window, you had the journalist on the TV crying because he won, people like Jones saying it was a “Whitewash.”

What is more, when the election was done, the time of mourning was done, then the Democrats in the press erupted, it has continued to this day with their none stop attacks against Trump. It was never more evident than when CNN was busted by hidden camera admitting the Russian Collusion Story was nothing but a lie, but they ran with it anyway to continue with their vendetta. 

I know this will not be popular, may get me banned from some sites, I don’t care any longer, the truth needs to come out, no matter what the backlash is. We need to stand up to this hatred and lies, the corruption from the Democrats on the left, they thought they held power, saw it all slip away, they moved with glee like the fascist of old to consolidate their power, now that they have seen it slip away they have turned ugly, in some cases violent. We as Americans need to be concerned, what worries me is what the reaction from them will be like if the economy starts to explode, we see what Trump is putting into effect working, we could see them in desperation try to take by force what they couldn’t by guile.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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