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The Destruction Of The Bush Legacy

The Destruction Of The Bush Legacy

For years the Bush family was the conservative answer to the Kennedy family, both had at least one president in their family, had others that ran for office, although the Bush family never had the tragedy that the Kennedy’s endured, they both were very active in the political process of this nation.

I would say that this was not always the perception, prior to President H.W. Bush took office, the family while the father was involved in politics, the others were not, it was after his presidency that you saw President W Bush assume the office of governor of Texas in 1995 and his sibling Jeb take office of Govoner of Florida in 1999, thus setting the dynasty into place.

If the two sons of the president would have stopped there their accomplishments of having a father as president and two sons as governors would have been a great accomplishment. But after the presidency of Clinton, George W Bush became the first son of a former president to ascend to the office since John Quincy Adams took office after his father, who was a founding father had also served as President.

But father and son were presidents while the nation went to war with Iraq, the father due to the invasion of the neighboring nation Kuwait, and his son, which many say went into Iraq due to faulty intel stating that WMD’s existed in Iraq, a claim that has since turned out to be both true and false. The claim at the time was that the Iraqi government was producing Biological weapons, there has been no proof of this shown since the war, nor has there been any evidence that research had continued in the nuclear material after the Israeli bombing of the Iraqi reactor. Since that time there has been ample evidence that Iraq was still producing chemical weapons, which was a violation of the terms that finished the first Iraq war.

While both father and son held among the highest approval and popularity ratings during the war, their numbers fell after the completion, the father due to promises made never to raise taxes, something he did soon after taking office, and his son due to the inept handling of Katrina.

These two could have faded into the night, the son Jeb was rising in the political world, then came along President Trump, seems at that point the whole family lost any objective outlook, openly stated they voted not for Trump, who was part of their party, for someone else. The only alternatives at this point were Trump or liberals, it turns out this family was more part of the deep state, all party allegiance, an allegiance they demanded when they ran for office meant nothing to them, we started to see they were more part of the deep state, where power said more than the will of the people or the good of the nation.

I will admit I voted for both, don’t regret that, but after Trump ran for office, while I understand there may be hard feelings for how he dealt with Jeb, this was not something President Trump only did to him, it was how he dealt with all his competition, in the end, they had all fallen away, and alone he was left standing. But after this is where the problems started.

First we had the Bush’s refused to attend the GOP convention in protest of Trump, then they were part of the active movement to try to nominate anyone but him, even though he held the most votes, turns out we started to see how little the will of the people mattered to them, their idea of what the nation should be, by their standards, meant more to them than party, the country or even their reputation. It turns out they were every bit as much of the deep state as the others they loved to yell about.

But things did not end here, as a rule, ex-first lady Barbara Bush was quiet on political matters, but against Trump she decided to speak out, saying no woman should vote for him, turns out this was not the case, seems the Bush’s were losing their power and ability to influence American politics.

In the end, President Trump so far has done something none of the Bush’s could do, drag the nation out of an economic crisis, both of them sat over a nation in steep financial downturns, Trump is overseeing the military in the greatest increase in spending since the Reagan years, much of this is due to the downsizing of the military after the first Iraq campaign, then the years of Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama which saw the military go into a decline, it is now in such a dire state, as I showed in THE DESTRUCTION OF THE GREAT AMERICAN MILITARY, our military today is just a shadow of what it once was, the inability of the congress to pass budgets dating back to W. Bush, and the wars being fought, our military has had to resort to raiding museums to obtain critical parts to keep their fighters in the air, their tanks operational, our military while still great in size on power, is unable to be fielded at even half streignth due to chronic shortage of parts. 

Trump has also done what no president has done with North Korea since Truman, to halt their actions. We have seen for years appeasement, paying North Korea for acting correctly for a while, then after a few months or years they tire of it, they have our money, after all, they return to the actions we paid them to turn away from, Trump, unlike his predecessors, said this was enough, no more paying for bad behaviour, if you wish to act in such a way, then maybe we will deal with you with might. Finally, without incentives, we have seen North Korea back down and offer to come to the table. While it is far too early to have a victory lap, at least we have them to a place no other administration has been able to bring them to.

The Bush’s can go into the night with their reputation secure, but if they continue this silliness, they could find themselves remembered far different then they are now, sadly it looks like they have no intent on backing down. When you have an ex-president saying that at least he will not be the most hated, turns out the polls don’t agree with him, you have his brother Jeb saying it was freeing to run against someone not qualified to be president, yet Trump now sits in the White House, not him. One has to ask, while the two ex-presidents were silent while President Obama dealt with this nation causing divisions never seen since the 50’s and 60’s, apologized to the Islamic world, yet they now find reason to come out and attack the sitting president, you have to ask, “Where was your outrage when Obama was president?”

While it is too early to make conclusive arguments, it is possible that Trump will preside over a nation that will be experiencing a much better insurgence economically, politically and with world stature than either of the Bushes ever did.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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