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The Destruction Of the Great American Military

The Destruction Of the Great American Military

We have heard that great nations are rarely destroyed from outside forces, like Rome and Babylon they are destroyed from within due to corruption, a need to appease the populous more than a need to defend themselves, we see the same thing with America now. Our military, arguably the best military force the world has ever seen looks great on paper, due to inaction by the legislators is finding itself slowly being destroyed from within. This is not a minor problem that can be fixed in a hurry; this is turning into a threat to our sovereignty, it is time for this to stop. 

Where the impasse is coming from

The United States Capitol Rotunda. Senate and Representative’s government home in Washington D.C.

What is causing this downslide is not a lack of recruiting men, although that sure is a problem. It is not a lack of manufacturing infrastructure that is causing our militaries dependence on foreign manufacturers, although this is a great problem as well. The great problem is the lack of a viable budget, where R & D, what is needed to not just keep our forces competitive against foreign forces, but to allow us to stay a generation ahead, this is dying out due to a lack of consistent funds coming in, without it the companies are becoming less and less willing to stick money into this research because after they are done many times the funds are already dried up and have to be put elsewhere.  

Since 1976 our congress, which is in charge of setting our budget has only passed a budget in 1997, 1989, 1995, and 1997, the reason though is not that Congress is not passing their bills, they are, it is the Senate that is holding up the bills, they refuse to pass anything through. This is not then the House’s fault, it falls on the leadership of the Senate, we see this not with just the Democrats, they could not pass a bill when they had the White House and a supermajority in both chambers, and the ones currently aren’t either. 

What is even a worse testament of the ineptness of our leadership, does not matter what party your speaking of, is in the same period since 1997 when they have passed just four-year budgets they have put in effect shut down with the government 18 times. It is time for us Americans to start demanding that changes be made or put people in power that will do their job. 

The greatest lie to the American people right now is that the GOP holds power in both houses, so they are at fault for not passing bills, but what they omit is that while the House is passing bills, the US Senate is set up in that it needs 60 votes to pass a bill. With the GOP only holding  51 seats, that means they need to pick up 9 Democrat votes, yet Senator Schumer is blocking all votes, the only reason the impasse was stopped over the shut down was the Democrats saw how it was hurting them, the members started to jump ship, Schumer knew he had to change course. Now naturally they are blaming the GOP, but this is pure nonsense, in the last election a total of 6 Democrats voted for the bill, 40 of them voted no. No matter if every GOP member voted yes it could not pass. 

The budget vote is a great example, on Jan. 19 we saw Senators Jeff FlakeLindsey GrahamMike LeeMitch McConnellRand Paul decide that they would not allow the budget to pass, thus aiding the DNC in shutting down the government, so if you need 60 votes. The GOP at this point has only 51; this means that with Schumer shutting down Democratic votes, although six did cross the aisle and vote for the budget, it has a zero percent chance of passing.

And this brings to question, why? Well, we have heard from Graham, McConnell, and Flake, they could care less what the Americans that voted them in feel, they will support the growth of immigration, but legal and illegal, regardless if it is against the wishes of their constituents. Now thankfully Flake is out at the end of this term, and good riddance, he has shown he is nothing but a traitor to the GOP and what his people who voted for him wanted, instead has taken personal issue with Trump. We should look at both McConnel and Graham; they are so deep in the woods with the deep state we need to look at ridding ourselves of both. 

Last Rand Paul is what he is; he will vote for something unless he feels that his people will benefit, that I can understand, maybe not agree with, sometimes you have to vote what is best for the nation as well. And Mike Lee, we need to look at why, if they are just obstructing, then maybe we should do with them what I have openly called for against Graham and McConnel, get rid of these in the primaries, put someone in that will go with what we voted for, not their own special interests. 

So how is this hurting our military?


Today the Army has 55 brigades, of those only five, are fully manned due to a lack of funding, this means in the time of war we would be lucky to 1/2 of the other brigades manned, and that would only be by robbing from one to make another combat effective. This means that if you look at the totaled manned while we show 55 we would be lucky to have 32 fully manned, this means we would be hard-pressed to take care of one theater of war, you add another we don’t at this point have the needed equipment ready to go. We right now are seeing most of what is ready in Afghanistan and Iraq, if we were to face a war with say Russia or China; we would have no choice but to pull out of the Middle East. If they set about attacking Canada or coming up through Mexico, we could lose half the country before we could respond. And this is just the Army.

The Airforce is not in much better shape; today they say about 1/2 of our fighters are combat able, the Air Force and the Navy now are going to museums to strip parts from fighters on display to make our airframes flyable. In 2011 the service chiefs were saying this was irreversible at that time, now seven years later the situation has gotten even worse as time has taken its toll, and that does not count in combat and what that does to our readiness. At this point, the Air Force is the “the smallest and oldest it has ever been,” this is according to

Before 1991, the Air Force bought approximately 510 aircraft per year. Today, the average age of our aircraft is over 27 years [1]. In the past 20 years, we have averaged only 96 per year, what we are starting to see is over the last 20 years as aircraft age their effectiveness goes down, add to that the problem with spare parts, which under the current budget there is little or no funding for replenishments, our Air Force is in danger of not being able to perform its mission.

In 1995 the average age of an Air Force fighter AirCraft was 11 years old, today the average age is going on 25 years. 

While our navy is in better shape then the rest of our services there has not been one move yet to put in place what Trump has said his goal is for the Navy, instead just continuances that hold to the budget from 16 years ago, can you imagine any business running this way? The navy has had cases of ships running into each other and other civilian ships, much of this happens because the sequester that is still in place is blocking the training time needed, not to mention the upgrades that are needed to prevent this type of thing. 

Fully 72 percent of the Navy’s maintenance was not completed on time between 2011 to 2014, with key ships such as the aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush delayed for months. The lengths of deployments have increased, adding to the strain on our men and women in uniform. Required maintenance has also resulted in some carrier gaps, as U.S. aircraft carriers have to leave their area of operation before their replacement arrives, thereby limiting U.S. ability to project power abroad. (Sequestration causes backlogs in maintenance, forcing ships to remained docked.) This delay has only increased exponentially since 2014, with each year being backed up more and more due to this. We need to demand that sequester and cap locks be lifted on military spending. 


Congress is to blame for this; one must ask, if these people are put in to run the US, then why don’t they do this? And who put in the 60 votes in the Senate? We have seen from the top that it is hard enough for the GOP to work getting votes through and trying to curry favor with at least 9 Democrats when Schumer is fighting to keep them from not voting, but it many times can be done, but when you have the obstructionist and the Senators that could care less what we want, they are making these bills DOA.

Last I checked, when the Democrats owned the seats Reid put in place the nuclear option, this at the time was due to the GOP did not agree with Obama’s judicial appointments, Reid on behest of Obama put in practice this bill that allowed instead of a 60 vote rule to having just needed 51 votes, this was over the protest of the GOP who at the time told the Dems that such a move would come back to bite them, they went ahead with it anyway. Funny how when with the election of Trumps supreme court justice when they used this rule the Dems cried foul, in fact, tried to remove it when they saw they were losing the majority of the house, the GOP refused, as they should have. I say they should change this to include the budget, a simple fact that no place in the constitution does it give the Senate the right to dictate the budget, that is the House’s responsibility, it would then be argued that if they are going to take up duties that are not defined by the constitution a mere majority should suffice. 

We either need to demand that these republican representative’s we ELECTED IN do as we demand, and this includes the Democrats the left has elected in, or maybe it is time to toss them out and put people in who recognize this. We have our military at such a weakened state I am not sure it could fight a major war in the state it is in right now, to upgrade it and get it ready for one, that will take years, so what is Congress doing about it? They are throwing band-aids on and ignoring the problem. We saw this under Bush, then Obama, well 17 years later the military is running out of options, we need to put in place a secure budget, maybe demand they put in place a two year budget, give some stability, and we would see in a couple of years at forces back at their proper fighting strength. 

We owe it to the boys that are putting their life on the line for us to have the best force they can have, to see to it that the equipment they are using is not patchworked together by grabbing items from museums, rather they have new parts that are available to them now. This has gotten to the point of almost being criminal; I have to ask, when are we going to hold our legislators responsible for this, they are the ones not doing their job?


  1. Wilson and Goldfein, a statement on “Air Force Budget Posture,” June 6, 2017, p. 2.


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