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The Elections Bring Out The Spin Machine

The Elections Bring Out The Spin Machine

After losing the presidential election, a record number of state seats, along with the House and Senate in both the federal government and the States, the left was at this point desperate for a win, any win. So when the elections in states that voted for Clinton came up they knew they had to go all in, they needed a win just for moral reasons, their base was depressed, their fundraising at half what the GOP was raising, and the party was being assailed with tell-all books exposing the corruption of the party. After the election to make the victory seem more then what it was, they then set about with the spin machine, spinning quicker then a spider can do with a web.

When the elections in Blue States, Virginia, and New Jersey, the DNC dispatched everyone that was someone, put in millions into each state and knew if they could not win those states they would be in serious trouble. The odds were in their favor, you had the DNC supported Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, who was riding in on the coattails of Terry McAuliffe who was popular but was at the end of his term, could not rerun due to term limits, and coming into November Northam had a 17 point lead, but coming up from behind was the GOP candidate Ed Gillespie who had the left rather scared, in just two weeks he had closed the gap from 17 points to 6, at that point the DNC opened their coffers, pulled out all stops and sent most of their team to Virginia to aid in the election, they knew the win was needed more than anything.

They did win, won by 9 points, seeing a surge in votes after the DNC started to inject money. What is most interesting is the press would have you believe that Gillespie lost because of Trump, but when he started to compare his policies to Trump his numbers started to rise, he picked up 8 points in just 10 days, yet this is naturally ignored. And you still have the same problem you had before, you had the GOP controlling both houses, they did so before with a supermajority, losing 14 seats in both houses when they had a large majority shrink, but still held onto it, so even though you have a Democratic Governor due to the DC outlining area, you still will have a GOP majority in both houses.

And then there is New Jersey, you had a governor Chris Christie polling at 15%, so riding on those shirt tails was not going to work, you had a blue state with a minimum of 12 point lead for Phil Murphy from the start over Kim Guadagno, trying to break that wall was impossible, the state is and always has been a blue voting state for many, many years. In the last general election, they voted for Clinton with a 13 point lead, and they have since 92 voted for a Democrat in each election, so this should not have come as much of a surprise.

So was this a big deal? Well, moral wise it was, it finally gave the Democrats a victory they were so starving for, but it is not more out of the ordinary then saying  Tennessee voted Republican, this was no more a harbinger of things to come then an election in Tennessee would be showing a large GOP victory in 2018.

So in the meantime, we will see the talking heads trying to spin this both ways, depended if you are watching the DNC mouthpiece, oops, I mean the liberal press, or hear FOX spin it in the opposite way, there is little that was learned from this. And polls, all I can think of is what they turned out like in the last general election, we see they are so heavily slanted, presenting an unbiased poll is almost impossible, each side has their own slant, who they get hold of, so their value in the Trump era is not very great. So how will we find out what effect Trump has had? The results in the next elections; if the GOP maintains the majority in both houses, then it will be a total defeat in the DNC plan to unseat Trump, even if they win one or the other, they still would find such a feat almost impossible, you would have to get the vote through the other house.


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