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The Electoral College, Why the Left Wants It Gone, Why It Must Stay

The Electoral College, Why the Left Wants It Gone, Why It Must Stay

When the founding fathers created the constitution many wonder why they included the electoral college, why not just go off of popular vote, the way the left is demanding today. There was a very good reason they put this together the way it was then, and why it is very much applicable to us today.

The reason the founding fathers set the electoral vote was to ensure that not just the higher population centers would control the direction of this nation. They wanted to ensure that all Americans if they were in the biggest city or the small farming communities would have a say in the government, that their voice would be heard equally. The founders found our voice was of utmost importance, that is why they set up the electoral college, to give all an equal say in this government, not just the large cities.

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First Constitutional Convention Set Up The Electoral College

This is what the left is trying to silence, doesn’t matter what excuse they give for this, they know that the larger population centers usually lean more to the left, the smaller communities, the people in the farm belt, working and living in rural areas usually lean more to the right. What the Democrats are demanding is that the people that don’t as a rule support them will find their voices will be lost, yet they scream this about the GOP doing this exact thing all the time. The complaint about the electoral college is not about votes, it is just the opposite, the left wants to silence votes that don’t support them.

Turns out the very people that are screaming the right is trying to silence people by asking for IDs to vote, something someone needs to cash a check, open a P.O. Box, along with many other life events that everyone experiences, but they now are saying that what they find so reprehensible being done to a very small minority, if anyone, is somehow now OK for them to silence millions due to the fact that they don’t vote the way they like. The party of “Do as I Say, and Not as I DO” is at it again.

We hear screaming that somehow people’s vote will not be heard if ID’s are asked for, but states offer the service for free to give these individuals ID’s that don’t have one. In many communities they even give rides, so to complain that someone identifies themselves to keep illegals from voting and stop double voting is not silencing legal votes, but that is not a distinction the left seems to care about. They want the electoral college gone to do away with the small communities that to them don’t matter, they know if they silence these people, their grip on the large metropolises is very secure.

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