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The GOP Base Is Moving Away…From Trump? Says Who?

The GOP Base Is Moving Away…From Trump? Says Who?

Who died and made Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) the leader of the GOP? I mean, seriously, when does the Illinois Republican Party delegation get to set the direction of the party? They don’t. There is one top dog of the GOP and his name is President Donald J. Trump. He’s the leader of the party. He is the party. And he represents the populist shift in the party. We’re a right-wing populist party, folks. There is nothing wrong with that. There’s a left-wing populism engulfing the Democratic Party. On both sides, the leadership of the parties has not reflected the changes within the Republican and Democratic bases. I say this because Mr. Kinzinger says that the GOP base is moving away from Trump. Where did he say this? Well, it was on CNN, of course (via Breitbart):


Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day” that President Donald Trump’s base was starting to turn on him.

Kinzinger said, “I think we have to step back and understand, you know, people that feel very disaffected, Donald Trump spoke to them, but here is the problem is up until the election, you know, it’s an election, it’s just a competition of ideas, but after an election, it has turned into an undermining of the democracy. That’s the differentiation between, you know, people that say, ‘Well, Adam, you know, was supportive of the president in the past.’ The difference here is what it’s doing to undermine our democracy and the fact, then, that people that work hard for their money, hard-working taxpayers are giving their money to this, because they are convinced because the president is telling them this that they can win, and they can’t. I mean, the scam in Congress with January 6th all these members of Congress that are, you know, posting crazy things so they can get a ton of followers and retweets and raise money, I think we have to calling it out finally because if we don’t people are just going to believe it.”


“I think they’re privately distancing more. We’ve talked about this a lot, I wish more would speak out, but I think they’re starting to. I tell you, the base is starting to turn. I get texts every day…

The 2020 election did not turn out how we liked, yes. But Donald Trump received the most votes of an incumbent president ever. Ten million more people voted for Donald Trump in 2020 than in 2016. You cannot say that the base is moving away from Trump. The base is Trump. The base wants members of the Republican Party to be more like Trump. And if Mr. Kinzinger doesn’t want to go along, that’s fine—but he shouldn’t be shocked if a primary challenger arises when he’s up for re-election.

Look, I wasn’t a Trump supporter when the 2016 primaries began, but he won that contest. It was not easy task. It was a brutal primary and he came out on top. In 2016, the mission was to stop Hillary Clinton at all costs. My candidates failed, but when Trump got the delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination, he was our guy. He was the candidate with the best chance to stop Hillary—and he did. The Never Trump wing did nothing. All they said on a near-daily basis was that they didn’t like the man. They had no alternative candidate. They had no plan. It was just a tantrum from those whose advice was torched by the Trump campaign. 


I’m a proud Trump Republican. I agree with almost everything in his agenda. He cuts taxes, created millions of jobs, gave us a solid conservative SCOTUS majority, overhauled the courts, secured peace deals in the Middle East, didn’t start new wars, delivered on two vaccines to combat the COVID pandemic, and denigrated and humiliated the liberal news media; they deserve to be trashed. He didn’t start new wars. The economy likes Trumpism. The market numbers, along with consumer and small business confidence markers all react positively to Trump. Who cares about his tweets, his personality, and his alleged rendezvous with porn stars? He’s a billionaire. This is what happens. Second, are we to believe that Trump is, for lack of a better term, scum for behaving like this, but members of Congress are angels? Please. Every American knows politics is a gutter business. Everyone lies. Everyone is bound to agree to some shady deal to grease the wheels of state—and getting local projects funded in their districts. With Trump, everyone saw results. Unemployment across the board dropped to 50-year lows. He created the best job market for black Americans. He did the most for criminal justice reform. Trump did a lot for this country and I hope he runs again in 2024. 

From News Corp by MARILYN KATE

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