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Seperation Growing Between People Of Faith And Of No Faith growing.

Seperation Growing Between People Of Faith And Of No Faith growing.

There has always been pressure between people of faith and those that only believe in secular beliefs, are either atheist or agnostic. With one side very tuned into their own spiritual beliefs, the other side having no care or understanding, we not only are starting to see the gulf widen, but religious bigotry starting to raise its ugly head.

I think one of the most surprising aspect of this is this bigotry seems to be one sided, other faiths, even ones of much more violence, they are given excuses for their actions, while the faith that acts as a rule in peace, they are attacked as the violent radicals.

It is surprising to me how these people are so quick to accuse Christians of acts they committed 1,000 to 1,500 years ago, Jews for what they did 4,000 years ago; but look at beheading, forced conversions, taking of child brides, slavery, slaughtering of people not willing to convert by radical Islamist as ok. If you dare to question this, you get attacked by the same people who just attacked you for what your faith did well over a thousand years ago as being bigoted.

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I remember when I was younger my parents used to tell me, “They first came for the Jews, then they came for the Christians; when faith is under attack, soon no one is exempt from this violence!”

What we see today is not as much violence, but instead some trying to push people of faith towards a second class citizenship, in their opinion, if they are going to vote with their faith in mind, they should have no right to vote at all, thus the attempt is made to silence their voice in the halls of power.

What was more surprising, when the left saw that much of the evangelical vote was going to come out for Trump this year, out started to come articles telling Christians why they should not vote, more demanded that they not.

Later after the vote came out, these same articles then came out during the mid-term and tried to lecture Christians on how they were living in sin if they supported Trump, one has to wonder, why was there nothing like this coming out concerning Obama when he was attacking Christians every chance he got?

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As for the Jews, we don’t see this to the full extent, this is with good reason, most Jews in America are secularist, could care less about their faith, Israel, or anything of that nature, they are very much in the leftist camp, but the ones that aren’t, they come under constant attacks for not conforming to what the majority of the Jews believe in this nation.

People like Charles Krauthammer (before his death), Mark Levin, David Horowitz, Ben Shapiro, just to name a few came and continued to come under constant attacks for daring to stand up to liberal thought, the fact that they find solace in their faith is more of a reason for these leftist to attack them.

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It had gotten so bad that none of these people, even Krauthammer when he was alive, were able to step onto any college campus without being surrounded by security due to threats against them. If they did come to speak the outrage by the left soon broke into mass demonstrations and rioting.

But where is this going to end? We already see the ridicule against people who don’t believe in the Theory of Evolution, are mocked if they dare to believe in the Creation theory. People that dare to question science, more the science of evolution is seen as ignorant, backward, we see the same thing in regards to the theory of Global warming.

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Science has turned into a dogma, if you dare to question it, something that had brought science to the point it is now, people for thousands of years question what was a common belief, then researched and exposed new theories that later turned the direction of understanding.  

You do that today, you are labeled a science denier and treated like a heretic. I was taught when I was younger science was about questioning everything, if you don’t see the answers you seek, then research until you find them, on the way you may find your ideals wrong, other times you may find them right, but to question is part of science.

We are finding a new faith growing, like other faiths that have come about, soon is moving to push out other religions that it sees as competing with it. Today that faith is called secularism, like the Crusaders and Zealots of old, if you dare to question this dogma, their followers take to the streets, threaten violence, call for you to be tossed out for daring to challenge their belief.

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This seems to go hand in hand with liberal thought, now things like sexuality are no longer in the realm of science, it has turned to pseudoscience, a science-based more on emotions, acceptance and social enforcement of what they want us to believe, rather than openly discussing and researching what we are being told.

Genders had gone from two just a couple of years ago; now there are hundreds, this number is growing every day. Facts are not seen as facts, they are opinions to these people, and opinions, well they now are now their facts.

This brings the problem of debates, how do you debate with someone that claims facts aren’t facts, emotions are, and you better fall into line with what they demand or you will be attacked?

We are at a point if we don’t stand up to this, make our voice heard against this, the Christians aren’t the only ones that have something to worry about, so will the Jews and any other faiths out there that do not submit to secularism.

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What is even worse, we now see people who profess to be of our faith, does not matter if you are Jewish or Christian here, these are the very people whom in many cases are leading the attacks against you.

We need to not only stand up for ourselves but make sure our voice is seen as more significant than the wolves in sheep’s clothing heading up these protests.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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