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The Illegal Immigrant Census Question

The Illegal Immigrant Census Question

The highest court is not agreeing to take the case of the census, where the Trump administration has determined that it should be asked if the people taking it are citizens or not. The constitution demands we take a census of citizens, the question comes then, do the illegals have any right to be counted for representation?

In the aftermath of a March 6 ruling by a federal judge in California, the high court said it will decide whether Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross ran afoul of the Constitution’s so-called Enumeration Clause, which sets out the terms under which people should be counted in the census, when he added the citizenship question in March 2018.

The problem is, with over 11 million illegals in this country, should they have any representation since they should not be here in the first place and are in violation of the law being here? There is a great divide in this, the left is demanding they have a right to be represented, and the reason is simple, they vote and support overwhelmingly the left, they want the right to pack Congress with more Democrats, thus they are fighting to have their numbers included in the census, they say that asking this question will scare many from filling one out.

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Many on the right look at the fact that they are not citizens, even though they are protected with due process under the law, they are not given the right to vote, nor should they be represented, that is only for US citizens. Thus, if you are not a citizen, what right do you have to be counted? Do we count visitors and others in a census?

Many may not think this is a big deal, but one has to ask, if you come here illegally, should you have a voice in our government? The left not only thinks so, but they are also now moving in state and local elections to give a vote to these people, the GOP says the constitution only gives the right to vote for citizens, if you are not one, you have no right to vote.

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