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The Immigration Trap

The Immigration Trap

We have heard it on the news, Trump is so inhumane, he is separating kids from their families, broadcasters hang their heads in shame, but we know the game here, and this is all it is, they could care less about these kids. The reality is this is the three-sided immigration trap, there are three sides to this trap,  it is set up so that no matter what you do, you lose.

On one side of this, if you turn all immigrants away, the press screams that you are inhumane, “He doesn’t care about the children!” the wail, while chiding him and us for daring to support him, we like him are devoid of human emotions they claim, so they feel justified in their condemnations. But are they really this concerned? If the left was, then why didn’t they agree to fund a wall to grant amnesty to the kids that they were so concerned about, instead they were willing to shut down the government, ignore the needs of American citizens to push their agenda, protecting people that aren’t even American citizens. We have seen now how this has backfired on them, so now they are running with this new plan, the three-sided immigration trap.

On another side of this issue, if you do what immigration is doing now, they are moving in to take the children, putting them in foster homes and with relatives, the press and the left howl again in outrage, “Trump and his followers don’t care that these families are broken up, he is so uncaring, it has to be because of his and his supporters racism!” Pelosi and Schummer speak in quiet outrage from the podium, the press has pannels assembled that say how this is the problem with this whole administration, then bring out guest that back up their claims. This is how the second side of the immigration trap is laid.

Last; if Trump gives in, allows the families to come in with their kids, then the left will yell, “See! Trump is flipflopping, he is not doing what he promised, no one can trust him!” They then will bring out Never Trump rhino’s, who will speak of how he is destroying this nation and the GOP by his inability to act on what he promised. As a bonus, they know that the people that voted for Trump, mainly because they were tired of not having laws and promises fulfilled, borders left open, and illegal immigrants granted repreves that even citizens aren’t given, this would be a huge breaking of trust, Trump would find some of his base leaving feeling betrayed, once more the press and the left wins. Thus the immigration trap is laid, they see no side out, but there is.

The way to beat this is to fight back with the truth, show that nothing has changed in this treatment since Obama was president, why is it that the press never said a word during his administration but now are? Further, expose what is being done, use Twitter, to present your case, keep bypassing the press, thus preventing them from spinning the news, in fact, have all your staff do so, reach as many people as you can.

What you have is a desperate attempt to undo what many on the left see as the ultimate threat to them, Trump, and not Trump as they see him, rather a Trump that is starting to become successful in his administration’s policies. With the economy growing, they see what they thought was a sure-fire thing, an overwhelming surge in the pools in December now falling until the advantage is gone, the polls are showing them on the losing side.

What you are going to see as time goes on, more plays by the left, they know that if the people look at the good that is being done, they are finished. Thus, the economy today they claim is Obama’s economy, which is nonsense, Obama had the nation anemic at best, but does not prevent them from distorting reality. Thus we see moves like the immigration trap they are doing now, as the economy continues to improve you will see more and more of this as the left and their partners of collusion, the press, push narrative after narrative to distract people from the great things Trump has done.



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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